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  1. FCR National Championship Series presented by Parma!
  2. NE Tracks racing FCR?
  3. More tracks and regions!
  4. Tuesday Night FCR Racing Results from TheRaceway in Melbourne, Florida
  5. Sunday Afternoon FCR Racing at Slot Car Drags in Orlando, Florida
  6. FCR National Championship Series - Building Cars To Compete In This Series
  7. FCR-NCS Windy City Region Season Kickoff Meeting
  8. Sunshine Region Starts Off in Early November in FCR National Championship Series Racing
  9. What is a "Built" 16D motor?
  10. Fast Eddie's World of Speed In Richmond Indiana Will be running at least 2 classes
  11. FCR Natinonal Championship Series Smoky Mtn Regional kick off day Sat Nov 5th
  12. Sunday November 5th, 2011 - FCR Practice Day at ASR-IMS in Longwood, Florida
  13. FCR National Championship Series presented by Parma tops 100 members!
  14. ASR-IMS "FCR Blood Race" results - 11/5/11 Parma FCR-NCS Spec Stock Car event
  15. FCR NCS TSS Hobbies Results from last week and upcoming events for this week.
  16. A Super Day of FCR-NCS Racing at ASR-IMS
  17. is it legal to soldier oilites?
  18. New Tri-Oval at Fast Lane Speedway - Evansville, IN
  19. Wild night of FCR Series racing at TSS Hobbies!
  20. John W wins his first FCR Race at TSS Hobbies!!!!!
  21. Parma FCR Series Racing @ Pioneer Valley Slot Club
  22. FCR Question
  23. The New FCR National Racing Series
  24. FCR National Racing Series Rules
  25. FCR NRS, Results from North East Raceway
  26. FCR Races at NESCR
  27. Body Approval Announcement
  28. Dallas Slot Cars
  29. National FCR NRS Qualifying Race
  30. Super Spec NQR race at TR Motorplex
  31. FCR NRS National Qualifying at TR for Spec Class
  32. Supertruck Results from TR Motorplex June 22 National Qualifier
  33. I need to help with a chatter or shudder when accelerating.