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  30. Last stop for slots
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  32. Slot cars roar back with champs like 13-year-old Justin Colvin
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  38. Nice to see that slot cars are still considered "family fun"
  39. Racing Back in Time
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  41. America’s Lost Hobby & the Salvation of Our Youth
  42. Man Cave! Women Welcome. Slot Cars, Funny Cars and Guitars at Jim Kipp’s Private Collection
  43. Google Slot Cars
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  51. Professor Slo and Dr Mo Slot Car and Hydrogen Balloon
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  53. Slot Car City Raceway and Hobbies TV 8
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  55. Slot racing covered on Gearz on the Speed Channel.
  56. Finnish television report @ Laihia, Finland. Gary Gerding King "BlackIce"
  57. The Audi quattro Experience & "Painting Coconuts"
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  63. James May and the World's Largest Slot Car Track
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  65. 2.4GHz digital wireless technology transforms 50-year old analog slot-car market
  66. Sewickley library exhibit celebrates the child inside grown men
  67. Scalextric Quick Build Demolition Derby set plays nice with Lego
  68. Anki slot cars controlled by iOS
  69. Volvo Predicts a Slot-car Future for Over-the-road Semis
  70. Local slot car racer takes out prestigious national award - Peter Brock trophy in Melbourne
  71. spotswood
  72. Sights Unseen: Central Maine Slot Cars
  73. Small cars plus fast race equals big fun
  74. Slot Car Raceway celebrates 20 years
  75. Long-lost Playland at the Beach relic resurfaces in Massachusetts
  76. found this!
  77. Speedway offers affordable slot car racing fun
  78. El Segundo driving museum to feature slot car racing event
  79. Start your engines: Red Racer Hobby Shop parks on State Street
  80. Slotcars of Katy/Buzz_A_Rama on Vimeo
  81. USRA Nats Flashback #1 - 2000 USRA Div 1 Nats Video
  82. USRA Nats Flashback #2 - 2005 USRA Div 1 Nats Video
  83. Rush - Formula 1 Movie Premiers Sept 2013
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  85. Then and Now: When slot cars were king
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  88. Ready, set, slot race
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  91. Boys and their toys
  92. "Drive: The Tinkerer’s Toys" - article on Philippe de Lespinay
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  107. Nick Adams Takes Photos: ‘The Fray,’ Ferndale’s Slot Car Meet
  108. App-Connected Slot Cars Give You Mario Kart-Like Power-Ups and Damage
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  110. Rev up for a new hobby - scale model Slotstox
  111. Family Fun by Laura Churchill Duke: Slot car racing making a comeback
  112. First ever Scalextric set from more than 50 years ago is given to inventor’s grandchildren as a Chri
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  114. The Genius Between Us
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  117. Slot Car Racing
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  127. An AMazing® Exclusive Q&A Session with Bryan Crutchfield, Managing Director, Materialise
  128. Slot car racing in Artarmon is how Jeremy Wynne’s and his office buddies prefer to spend their lunch
  129. Phase II Slot Car Racing Now Open in Maryland
  130. Mcor Technologies paper-based 3D printer saves slot car business
  131. Ford 3D Prints 2015 Mustang Slot Car For International Race
  132. Hobby for life in Pitlane Slot Car Club (New Zealand)
  133. Wood Brothers Are Serious About Slot-Car Racing (Stuart, Virginia)
  134. Tagging 'mindless vandalism' (New Zealand)
  135. Local Business Keeps A Classic Hobby Alive (Speedzone Raceway)
  136. Professor Motor to distribute Ninco slot cars
  137. Incredible Slot Car Replica Of Spa-Francorchamps
  138. Slot-cars race like real cars using Nordic 2.4GHz transceivers
  139. Slot car racing sees a local revival – Scottsbluff, NE
  140. Port Jeff video
  141. Tom's World Raceway video - Bend, Orgeon
  142. Lewis & Nico: rivals from the start - opening video for Abu Dhabi GP
  143. Slot car racing hits Eagle River, Alaska in a big way
  144. Elmsford Raceway's Lou Rosario & Gift of Life International
  145. Lewis Hamilton racing Scalextric slot cars on BBC Radio 1 live broadcast
  146. Slot Cars in new Music Video by Jaust - "We Need a New Life"
  147. Painting Coconuts - documentary with David Beattie of Slot Mods USA - featured on Racer
  148. Post-layoff passion project proves life-changing for Slot Mods founder
  149. Racing shop up to speed
  150. Texas Retro Racing Association invites new racers to join
  151. Plastic Slot Cars being promoted on Racer.com
  152. Go Fast Products Uses 3D Printing to Build High-Tech Slot Car Chassis
  153. Slot Car Racing in St. Louis - KSDK NewsChannel 5 - St. Louis MO
  154. Sky Sports "greatest Scalextric circuit ever" - Irish Examiner
  155. Model Car Maker Gets Invited to Try out New BMW M4
  156. Slot on: Mini racers provide maximum fun in Delaware Township
  157. Memories abound at Tacoma car museum
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  160. Welcome to Plainville, Connecticut's mecca of slot car racing
  161. St. Maarten SXM International Slot Car Championships featured in The Daily Herald
  162. SC Slot Cars at Upstate Speedway featured on TV
  163. Libby Center slot car track inspires ingenuity, fun. - Spokane, WA
  164. Designer Creates Another Awesome Koenigsegg-Inspired 3D Printed Slot Car
  165. Ultimate Scalextric Slot Car Track up for Bids: Scale-Size Trophy Wife Sold Separately
  166. Buena Park Raceway on The Best of Southern California
  167. Hardbody Slot Car Racing - Buena Park Raceway
  168. Good Sport: Slot car racing is fast-paced
  169. David Beattie Makes the World’s Most Extravagant and Realistic Slot-Car Tracks
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  172. Audi TT Commercial: Reality? Check.
  173. 2015 ISRA Worlds - Czech TV Coverage
  174. Fantasy Raceways Rochester, NY
  175. Rainbow Curve hopes to bring out kid in everyone
  176. Video: Kimi and Seb: born to race
  177. Bullitt Raceway in Louisville, KY featured on WDRB TV News & WDRB.com
  178. Tampa-area slot-car raceway feeds fans' need for speed
  179. Motorsport fan turned his bed into a Formula 1 track using Scalextric model
  180. Slot-car racing comes to Sanford (Maine)
  181. Business Spotlight: Motorleague
  182. Luciano: Racing fans can get their fix at slot car venue in Bartonville
  183. Rod implants make 11-year-old a ‘Bionic Boy’ – and a pioneer
  184. St. Maarten Speedway
  185. Bobby Rahal & The World’s Greatest Man Cave
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  189. Slot Cars in the Media - Video Gallery
  190. Pocket-sized grand theft auto
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  192. 2016 Worlds at Port Jeff featured on Long Island NY News
  193. NAMCAR Night Race - An Interview with NAMCAR Night Race Creator Lance Khazei
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  195. Keeping Slot Car Racing Alive in NYC
  196. St. Maarten International Championship
  197. Slot cars offer mini version of auto racing in Northwest Austin
  198. Lewis Hamilton Racing Slot Cars at Autorama in São Paulo Brazil
  199. How this 48-year-old went from getting laid off to making $1 million a year
  200. Slot Cars: Real Racing in Miniature
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  202. Teri Talk: In the groove with slot car racers
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  204. Ohio Retro Series Slot Car Races Featured in Norwalk Reflector
  205. Slot Mods: It's All In the Details
  206. Havasu's Hot Trax Slot Car Racing Club gets the good times rolling
  207. GUY HENDERSON: In a state of true Swerve-ana
  208. Cody Bramble: Slot car racing
  209. Did you know, Dallas: Dallas Slot Cars
  210. Made in Tennessee: Knoxville slot car builder
  211. City's Last Remaining Slot Car Track Still Buzzing in Brooklyn
  212. AFX Endurance Championship slot car races will be hosted by Worthing HO Racing club this month
  213. German toymakers rethink China manufacturing
  214. Ready,set, go- slot car racing!
  215. Alexander Rossi Slot Car Challenge
  216. Family Runs Family Fun Zone At Long Beach Grand Prix
  217. I Am Brooklyn features Buzz-A-Rama
  218. 9 Year old girl races slot cars while raising awareness for her rare disorder.
  219. Elon Musk Wants to Turn the LA Underground Into a Giant Slot Car Race
  220. This Hand-Built Slot Car Setup Is the Cheapest Way Into Amateur Racing
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  222. Race around the Monaco Grand Prix in a slot car
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  229. Slots of Fun Speedway brings back nostalgia, slot car racing to Hanover
  230. TV news: 1/32s raced T.Haute,IN. !!
  231. Wauwatosa Indy Slot Car League where a boy's fun becomes men's hobby
  232. Swedes Build Slot-Car-Inspired Road For Real Vehicles
  233. Slot Mods is Building Bespoke Race Tracks at a Micro Scale
  234. Round and round: Slot car racing still has energy in South Bend
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  237. You're never too old to enjoy slot car racing
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