View Full Version : Guide Flag post weights???

02-13-2006, 05:20 AM
Does anyone use weights on the guide flag post and if so where can you get them???

02-13-2006, 12:47 PM
I'm not sure your asking for the right thing. If you are talking about the added piece of "Guild Flag Tounge" material on a Flexi style chassis...this is being used to stiffen and/or re-inforce the guild flag mounting area.

With most chassis, we use the piece available from RJR, or Viper Enterprises. Some racers also use the Slick 7 Integral Tounge. Both are soldered to the original tounge using an itsy bitsy length of solder.

Because this piece is so small it really does little to add weight to the nose of a car. The main idea of "it" is to add strength and stiffen this area in case of a big hit.

The guild flag area can be used to adjust the "bite" of a Flexi Car. A large portion of racers angle the guild at about 2 Degree's up.

When building a new car, or adding the piece:

I like to place my car on the block. With the Guild Flag flat, slightly bend the very front of the guild so that the back is on the block but the front is pointing up about the thickness of a business card. This is a good start for me. I try the car with my tires of choice. If this is working I then remoe the guild flag and solder the Viper Brace on the area.

My front guild area is now re-inforced. The negative side to this is that to change the cars handling...you must either work harder to "tweek" this area, or use all the other ways to make the car better.

This is a great handling tool...but has its prices.

Weight...as in Lead...is better used on areas of the pan(s) or center section behind the flag area.

02-13-2006, 06:24 PM
Many racers have moved from placing un-necessary weight on a chassis. Placing it on the Guild Flag is not very good if you want to go fast and handle well.

Like most builders, getting the car to handle is the most important part in Slot Racing. Speed will come after getting a car to handle.

You may have begun to see added pieces of "weight" on the guild flag support area of some chassis. This is legal in many New England area tracks and on the NECC Series.

Connecticut Builder/racer Russ Upton put this car together adding the Chassis Tounge from the RJR Storm. This piece is available from Viper Enterprises and works great to add stability and consistancy to a chassis.

This is Russ' version of the Champion Turbo. Not to many racers/builders can make a car that handles so great and looks so sweet.

Russ can!