View Full Version : different ratings for slotworks controllers?

10-22-2002, 11:18 PM
Are all slotworks electronic controllers the same, or do they come in different "resistance"? I've got a clear plastic one with a green board and purple heatsink. Can it be ID'd from that?

How do think they compare to the Parma Turbos? I find the trigger action a little lighter and the trigger itself a bit smaller. I think I prefer the Turbo, but then I haven't tried actually driving with the Slotworks yet.

Steve C.

10-23-2002, 05:39 AM
Call Trinity! NOW! Those things are REAL TOUCHY. They come Positive Gate or Negative, & controller can not be used visa versa in + of itself! I had 1 years ago.....then built ext. resistor controller instead! Rip

Prof Fate
10-23-2002, 09:14 AM
I have 4 and have gotten good service. My sons use them exclusively. They have 12 1kmf diodes in the. The "gated" effect thay H refers to is due to the fact tht the diodes only allow power to flow in one direction. They work by dropping voltage only, not amperage, which means they work on a larger variety of motors and track conditions than a fixed resistor.
Problems. The diodes are rated at 3 amps, which means that you are limited to nothing hotter than a gp 10 motor. If You are very clean on your set ups, you might run a 12(I have). You can have the diodes drop out of the system, this is easy to check, put an ordinary volt ohm meter on the individual diode. If you put it on backwards, you will read infinity, if you test the right direction, it will test at 750ohm. As the diode is abused, the rating will drop, at a reading of 500 or so, it is time to pull the resistor and replace it. They are only a buck at an electronics store. The most difficult problem is that the contact pad is thin and wears through. A new pad with diodes WAS available for 16 bucks, but I do not believe they are still in production, but I do see the boards in shops now and again.
This controller has been superceded by a similar NEW controller with a few wrinkles but a much better contact pad. I bought one of those 18 months ago and really like it. I use it on Tjets, vintage cars of various flavors, 1/32 euros and Group 12s.


11-12-2002, 11:15 PM
There were only two "Slotworks" controllers that were sold:
Diode - built in + & - gate; Electronic - rare- made solid state similar to the new Parma. Sounds like you have a diode type.
I melted the diodes right off the board on one of mine with a group 12!!! Then I replaced them with BIGGER ones! The general DIODE design has been revived by the controllers designer and made virtually foolproof as the Professor Motor controller line. This LINE of controllers are set up for various primary uses, such as HO, 1/32, and commercial rentals. They also are available with special connectors for Carrera, Scalextric, and Ninco homeset tracks. Even the basic controller works on HO up to a Sportsman without getting TOO hot. He has an effective accessory system too.

11-13-2002, 01:22 AM
I tried it on my track and it worked fine. I even reversed the lane polarity and it still worked ok. I can't remember how I wired it, but it looks like it's wired to keep controller polarity constant and flip the rails. It seems so nice that I think I'll get another three and ditch the Parmas. It seems smoother and more even across the different power motors than the parmas. Most of my Parmas have had 2ohm resisters put in, though.