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Raul G
04-23-2006, 06:24 AM
I have returned to the hobby only a year ago and now I have a middle school race club. The TOMY stock bodies are not holding up too well although I love the detail. I thought of purchasing clear Lexan bodies, Pactra paints and using those instead. Any suggestions? I understand you can brush paint them from the inside and the brush marks will not be too visible- the paints are not cheap so cost is a consideration. If I figure in the post/pin method of mounting it gets expensive. Is the velcro tape mounting system ok?- the price is right. Does that liquid mask really work on the windows? What do you all use to cutout the wheel wells? Should I leave these covered or does it not matter?What decals do you recommend? There are so many! I am going with GTP or sports car shells as the F1 were outvoted by the club. At 2-3$ per body it seems the way to go and I understand they will not crack like the TOMY or resing type bodies. I am on a learning curve so sorry for my ignorance.

Dangerous Dave
04-24-2006, 02:59 AM

I've found the easiest and neatest method for wheel wells is a Dremel type tool with a small round grinding bit. Just plunge straight into the plastic then carefully follow the line around.
This eliminates any nicks and cuts that will tear open later when racing.
Also best to cut the wheel wells before cutting out the body itself, holds it's shape much better.
Brush marks will be almost invisible when painting on the inside, and liquid mask does work but is best when applied in at least 2 thick coats, and removed when the paint is barely touch dry.
For decals I highly recommend Pattosplace.com, he has thousands to choose from incl 1/64 scale.
PM me for some tips on body mounting..... :D

Raul G
04-24-2006, 03:36 AM
Now that is some useful information Dave! I will try and purchase a Dremel soon- handy device! I see the hurricane season begins earlier over there ( in the northern areas anyway)- will pm re: mounting.

04-24-2006, 07:27 AM
Lexan bodies are great for lighter weight racing and a lot of fun to customize. I'm sure your students will enjoy decorating them too but they probably will not hold up as well as plastic or resin to the damage kids can inflict on them. Mind you if the kids put their own time into decorating the cars they might drive a little more carefully and appreciate the effort that goes into making a new one if they happen to blast it into a wall at the first corner.
Some of the Tomy GTP bodies tend to lose their wings after a few good hits which can be repaired with crazy glue but they are pretty tough bodies really and stand up to a lot of abuse.
The real solution is just to get the kids to drive slower and stay on the track. I've run crash and burn races with kids (and adult kamakazi's ;) ) where if you crash you are eliminated and you would be surprised how quickly they learn to keep the car on the track. You can also give them a certain number of crashes before they are eliminated say 3 or 4 as an option. This is also realistic as in 1:1 racing they can't just keep crashing over and over again.

Raul G
04-24-2006, 03:48 PM
Good points, F1nutz. My first Trakmate race was won by one of the two girls in the club. I emphasized to the drivers to stay on the track- the fact that replacing parts can add up real quick- and like you said stated that in a real race it would be over. We are having a blast. The students just put together a layout that requires more skill over long straightaways and just speed. These are mostly eighth graders and they have quickly learned the basic tuning on the cars and ever curious to see whatever modifications are available. Thanks for the input all of you!

04-25-2006, 05:32 AM
Instead of the Pactra paints try using Parma's Fascolor line. They are waterbased so for the most part are non-toxic and they clean up with water. Drying time is longer but this can be sped up with a cheap blow dryer set on cool or low heat.

Keep the mounting simple and use velcro. This will also allow the bodies to survive crashes much better than mounting which doesn't offer any flex.

For quick and easy peel and stick decals, try the vinyl ones from Slot Pro.


Here is the link:

SLOT PRO (http://www.slotprospeedway.com/)

I have several bottles of the Fascolor that I no longer use since I use automotive based paints for my lexans. If you are interested I am willing to donate them for the cause! Email me at gcozee@yahoo.com


04-26-2006, 07:50 AM
Sounds like you're having fun and that's the main thing.

04-26-2006, 05:30 PM
Another good source of peel & stick decals is the microsport line from BSRT. I have used them for years on all my lexan bodies. They hold up extremely well & look awesome