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05-16-2006, 11:12 PM
The other day I could not wish hard enough. I was wishing I was able to race all the events I did this year All Over Again..

I can't but I know I'll be better and faster from now on.

I purchased a Third Eye Controller thru Mark Greene.

For those who do not know me...I race with an extra 20 plus feet on my controller wire. I had Howard Smith, of Third Eye build me a new controller with this "option".

I tested it with my other two controllers and found an extra 2-tenths. Now I'm sure that is due to my other controllers not having Mosfet this, and great breaking that...still stays on when the power goes off.

I ran 4.456 thru 4.520's for about 15 minutes. I did this with both my older controllers.

With my new Third Eye within 10 laps I was running 4.239 to 4.321 for another 15 minutes.

Both my other controllers have 25 feet of added wire. So from the handle down, they are both the same.

With the Third Eye the "Box" is at the drivers, as If I was sitting right there, and I have the controller (almost like a transponder) in my hand.

I'm not an electronics wizzard..but can certainly tell when I'm smoother and faster.

Any racer that uses a wheelchair, no doubt call Howard @ Third Eye. For anyone else looking to be better in every race..Give one of these controllers some thought. I am soo glad I did.

We are all lucky to have these great, great builders of controllers.