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Dangerous Dave
09-13-2006, 05:42 AM
My local group is looking to add a faster class to our line up.
We currently race box stock Tomy SG+ but with AJs slip ons/rims and soft bodies, on about 18V.

Politics aside (PLEASE), will an all poly G3 run with something like a Wizz SP35, if they both used a standard green wire arm?

The G3 arms and mags seem to have limited availability, can you guys suggest a good supplier (besides Scale Auto itself!)?




09-13-2006, 09:09 AM
Try Lucky Bob's Raceway, he has a huge selection of parts.


Lucky Bob's Raceway
5822 W. Forest Home Ave.
Milwaukee, Wi 53220

09-13-2006, 09:09 AM
Just a suggestion. Rather than mixing the makes into one class which can tend to lead to the aforementioned politics. You might want to think about picking one of the faster chassis and limit it to one make. G3, Wizzard or whatever. That way everyone has basically the same equipment.
I also find it's difficult to always keep up to the latest new chassis developments and you end up with a bunch of out of date cars pretty quickly or you end up owning one or two of each chassis to cover all the bases if you run on a variety of different tracks. This can get expensive.
P.S I'm not touching your G3 vs Wizz question ;)

Dangerous Dave
09-14-2006, 06:17 AM
thanks guys :D

I did suggest we all buy the same kind of car, but some of the other racers want the freedom to choose (fair enough).

One guy suggested we make the class unlimited except for the armature (green wire, minimum Ohms). The idea behind this is that super strong Neo traction mags etc would overpower the arm and not give them a big advantage. I'm guessing Neo motor mags would be still much faster though. Anyone care to experiment for me?? :rolleyes:

Keeping a lid on costs is required, especially for me (student and pensioner lol), so we will also run with slip on tyres, even for Wizzard cars. Here in Western Australia, the exchange rates and costs of importing countless silicone sponge tyres makes them not viable, and recoating them is possible but tedious.

We do like to tinker, so other mods like shunts etc will be allowed.
As long as we get the "geez that's fast!!" element happening ;)

09-15-2006, 05:44 PM
You can also get stuff from Bob Ferrara at
bobssuperproducts@att.net RO class with all polymers is fast, but the magnets keep changing. Not cost effective. Any polymer
class is subject to this problem. In MARC in New England we have had good luck with the HOPRA modified class. All ceramic magnets any arm. A 5 ohm are is a good one any more is much harder to drive. The big advantage is you can use a quality custom arm that you can true the comm a few times & costs less in the long run. All the cars are very equal in this class & stock arms are at little disadvantage. Good luck!

09-15-2006, 07:30 PM
Tom. Bob doesnt have a website?

09-16-2006, 06:39 PM
He does not. He will answer email or you can phone him at
603-382-6702 He is a great guy & has everything you could ask for from all the manufacturers. He is just a little slow to accept new technology, he finally got a cell phone a couple of months ago. A website is in the works

09-20-2006, 09:39 PM

I would suggest Poly traction modified (green arm works great)

or Poly Mod (all poly magnets)

SS & all ceramic SS are real close to each other. We even had SS cars in the MOD main at HOPRA this year.

When It come to poly magnet cars, I like the Slottech Thundercat 1st. I have raced against the G3 & storm, and setup the g3 & storm, all are fast, but for my driving style, I find the t1 a lot more forgiving.

If the key is using a green arm(cost)
go with the poly traction modified.

Email me at slotking@bigfoot.com and I can send the rule I have.:D

11-13-2006, 07:21 PM

Just curious if you tried a faster class yet.

I think you are right on track by limiting the armature type to something specific.

This avoids the confusion and cost of the many variables in different armature types.

First, try them in your cars without neo mags to see if they are fun. The key is fun!

We have friends in Victoria County. Melbourne to be exact. Just sent them a care package of things you have a hard time getting.

Like: Butterfingers, Babe Ruth and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Life is all about the candy bars!

Oddly enough: I am enjoying a Foster right now.

11-14-2006, 01:23 PM
I like to use a Wizzard P3, Poly tractions, greenwire arm, sponge sils on the back and ind front end. Makes a really fun car that is easy to work on, however, it might be worth looking into a custom wound arm, more money to start with but they last a whole lot longer than a green wire arm.

We have friends in Victoria County. Melbourne to be exact. Just sent them a care package of things you have a hard time getting.

When I go see my boys in Florida, I have to take Mauls Barbeque Sauce and Brooks Ketchup with me.:D

11-14-2006, 01:24 PM
I think that 3 ohm mods or even green wire arms might be a better first step up ie better to learn to walk before tring to run mods are almost as fast a little more forgiving and perhaps just a few .10s off ro speeds as to the mag issue I think not sure but I think that were at the top level that poly mags can go so that game should be over now that level 25 are here.

As to the choice of car well most people know where I stand on that issue and I think as a group you guys should decide whats best for YOUR group and at this level of car cost should not be the deciding issue it ain't cheap no matter what class or cars you decide. But both are a blast to run.

just my two cents the duke

11-14-2006, 01:28 PM
I only mentioned Wizzard because I still think he has the easiest car to work on and they are indestuctable. Might not care for him, but he still makes a good product that in very affordable.

11-26-2006, 09:04 AM
if you guys ever think about traveling to race with others. that may be part of helping you chose what to run.

If you racing on plastic track, then I really would say the SloTtech THUNDERCAT is the best car yu can get. The bulkhead system (like a tyco) makes the car forgiving and fast on the track.

If you know tyco's, you can work on a T1.
but the t1 is a easier to work on.

I have been doing a lot of winning with my t1's


11-26-2006, 04:53 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by slotking

When It come to poly magnet cars, I like the Slottech Thundercat 1st. I have raced against the G3 & storm, and setup the g3 & storm, all are fast, but for my driving style, I find the t1 a lot more forgiving.

I'm new to this stuff. I am not familiar with the "slottech Thundercat 1st" Where could I find info on this chassis? Thanks!

11-26-2006, 05:26 PM
That link that slotking put up has the Thundercat info.