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11-15-2002, 02:05 PM
I apologize if this may sound if it belongs in the vintage section. I have noticed recently there is some renewed interest (especially in Europe) in building replicants of some of the older brass & piano wire chassis of the 70ís like what Lee Gilbert, PDL, Emmott, Tony P and many others. Iím talking about the ones using the Brass "Parma".032" Droparm and bat pans or the ISO nose piece. My Question is does Parma still have access to re-manufacture these items in limited quantities in their warehouse stock or still have the press dies and punches for production of these items. I am sure a fair amount of these would sell if the word got around they released these to the public again. I know American Line still has a limited amount of the pans only but when they run out I supposed the will be gone forever. I have made a few with the products that I have left but will eventually have to punch out my own . Would it be out of line to suggest that it be looked into releasing some more. Perhaps it may not create a landslide windfall of profits but the production of these takes minimal cost to them if they still have the equipment. Perhaps it can be a "Parma Limited Edition Nostalgia Line" of products. The selling cost would be more but there is a market right now I believe.
Here's some examples.
http://w1.211.telia.com/~u21112944/parma592.jpg http://w1.211.telia.com/~u21112944/parma02.jpg http://w1.211.telia.com/~u21112944/parma03.jpg
Thanks for giving us all the great help.


Paul Ciccarello
11-18-2002, 12:53 PM
Not a bad idea but all the old tooling is long gone. Sorry.