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01-02-2007, 06:05 PM

I'm interested in hearing about True to Scale Racing. I've been promoting this type racing for years on varying levels and feel the need to step up the pace a bit.

I've included multiple choices to the following program proposal and if you would like to discuss issues, please do.

Please don't stray from the subject.

Guidelines would generally be as follows:

Program would include 1/32 & 1/24 Hardbody & true scale Lexan bodies.

Motors would be selected from a range of FK type and the new Pro Slot Euro. Motors would be handout blueprinted and Pros build with spec arm.

Chassis would be modified stamped steel, Euro types up to unlimited. How modified you ask? Enough to achieve proper WB and to accomodate large scale tires.

Tires Spec true scale. Gearing TBD.

Procedural format to follow IMCA style, 1 minute off/no work on car.

Here are some reference points:

http://www.slotcars.co.za/124/index.htm . After perusing this fine South African site go to their links page and check out what's happening in various European Countries as well as in Australia and Canada. Some have quite a head start :o

Also, see http://www.scaleracing.ca/Amerinats%20Intro.htm . I might have to go if only to watch! Great work fellas, I'm looking forward to news.

This is primarily for specualtion of forming up on the US left Coast but also to help access those ideas I think are good ones :)

01-02-2007, 10:21 PM
I'm trying to vote, but I mkeep getting an invalid message:(

02-19-2007, 12:47 AM
I already have a 1/24 scale porshe 962 group-c car built and ready to race. It even has working head and tail lights for a 24 endurance race. I also have a c-5r corvette that is about done too.

team burrito
02-23-2007, 01:20 AM
...these are VMRA rules for the Vintage Hardbody class:

Chassis: Chassis may be constructed in any fashion, material, production or scratchbuilt. Chassis must be in-line drive configuration, no anglewinders or sidewinders allowed. Must use 1/8” rear axles. Chassis may be subjected to the race director’s approval.

Allowable Chassis Modifications:
May solder or glue motor in place.
May add lead weight to chassis.
May solder or glue rear oilites in place.
May use any in-line motor bracket.
May file oilite holes to level axle only.
Must use oilites/bronze bushings: no ball bearings allowed.
Pin tubes and lead wire retainers are allowed.
May reinforce guide tongue.
Motor may be rotated, but may not protrude through bottom of chassis.

Motor Specifications:
Must use commercially available Chinese 16D armature.
American-made armatures are not allowed.
Armature must be .513” min diameter and .600” min stack length.
Armature may be balanced and comm diamond trued.
Parma Rotor, Parma Deathstar or Trinity Twister “D-can” set-up only.
Motor may be blueprinted.
Magnets may be matched and zapped.
No shimming or honing allowed.
May glue magnets.
Must use original endbell and hardware from motor manufacturer.
May change spring posts, motor brushes and springs.
May solder can oilite and seams.
Can may not be modified or lighten in any way.
Shunts, spring insulation and ball bearings are not allowed.

Axles, Tires and Gears:
Must use solid steel 1/8” axles (no hollow or lightweight axles).
Must use 48 pitch gears (plastic or metal).
May use 3/32” independent front axle.
Car must pass 1/16” rear clearance, including the crown gear.
Front tires must be min. 7/8” dia and 1/4” min width.
May use any commercially available black rear tires, min 1” dia and 810” max width.
Tires must fit inside fenders of model body or 3.00” max width, whichever is smaller.

All bodies and interiors are subjected to the race director’s approval.
May use any plastic stock car model used in Nascar competition, up to 1972. (No Camaros, Mustangs, Corvettes, etc)
Body may be lighten, but may not be altered, lowered or cut in any fashion.
All body parts must be in place (bumpers, windshields, etc)
Body may sit on top of the pans, but pans may protrude more than 1/16” for safety reasons.
Windows shall be clear and a suitable painted 3-D interior mounted in the cockpit area.
Paper, folded or wing car interiors are not allowed.
Body and interior must be opaque in color and three numbers placed on the roof and both doors.
Body and interior must cover entire chassis when viewed from the top, except for legal openings (air vents, wheel wells, etc).

We use 1" diameter tires all around because it has a better scale appearance & the 1/8' axle could be replaced with a 3/32" axle. It's up to you guys. So, what do you think, Bob?

04-16-2007, 11:10 PM
Sorry Russ, I dropped the ball on this one....I've tried picking it back up but I'm afraid I poked a few holes in it while it was down :p :eek:

I've emailed you some comments. It looks very good and I hope to participate sometime soon. Where's your race reports and photos? We could all take lessons from The East Coasts version of D3 as reported on SlotBlog.