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11-20-2002, 05:46 PM

Since Vancouver Speedway in Vancouver WA opened about 1/4 mile from my home, I've become a 1/24 newbie. (I've been in HO for a while, though.) I quickly discovered that OWH is far and away the best 1/24 board on the planet and have read most of the archives.

I purchased two WSC Ferrari Flexi-2s for my son and myself. My question is about Flexi chassis weights. How do the Flexi-1, 2 and 4 chassis compare weight-wise? How much does the .025 Flexi-1 pan reduce Flexi-1 chassis weight? I read that this pan will fit Flexi-2 also; how much will it reduce Flexi-2 weight?

This is a great forum; thanks for your efforts!

Bob Battey

Paul Ciccarello
11-22-2002, 02:52 PM
The flexi-1 .025 pan will save 7 grams over the standard F-1 pan and 10 grams over the F-2 pan. The flexi-1 with the standard pan weight about the same as a flexi-4 and the flexi-2 is about 10-15 grams more.


11-26-2002, 07:42 PM
Hi slotbot,

I'm also a 1/24 newb with flexi 2s. Have you seen the setup tips article on slotnet? That helped a lot.

Try the hot wing, that really loosens the car and prevents the front axles from getting bent when you crash. When you get faster, try the full hub "tuna" type tires as they also seem to improve handling.

Resist the urge to start soldering things on the flexi-2 for a while until you find your favorite setup. Its a great "learner" car as you can try so many different combinations with the rear axle oilites and top pan/front axle placement.

Good luck

11-27-2002, 12:13 AM

I think you said in the Flexi-4 thread that the F4 weighs ~ 4 grams more than the F1; is this correct? Tom M said in the same thread that the F4 weighs 2-3 grams more than a Scorpion 3. THis suggests to me that the F1 is lighter than a Scorpion 3 by 1-2 grams with the standard pan and with the .025 pan is the lightweight leader by 8-10 grams. Do you agree?

I know weight isn't everything, but light weight sure helps in the acceleration and braking dept. I'm still running the original Parma WSC Ferrari body, which I measure to be about .020 thick, so it's heavy. I notice when running the car without the body that it chatters exiting turns, so I'm guessing that the challenge with a lighter car is getting the power down smoothly. Got any tips?

I also noticed that the car chattered with the body on when I loaded the sway bars against the pan, taking out all the play. With the usual clearance setting, no chatter. I didn't notice any difference when I varied the amount of play. My current theory (fancy word for "guess") is that the play between the two chassis sections dampens oscillations introduced by the tires, making the car smoother. (At least in the Flexi-2, which doesn't allow the pan to have much side-to-side movement; I would expect side-to-side movement to increase looseness.) What do you think the paly between the pans does?

RKW, I don't want to add the hot wing 'cuz I don't want to add the weight. I've get 'em handling pretty well, though; the front axle and pan are as far forward as they'll go, rear bushings back, front wheels as wide as possible and touching. Set up this way, the cars were too loose initially but a set of Alpha Piranhas tightened them up just enough. I did what you suggested, though; tried everything. I kept the front axles from rotating with strapping tape at first, but now they're soldered in.

Bob B

Paul Ciccarello
12-02-2002, 06:41 AM
The flexi 4 is heavier than the F-1 w/light pan by 4 grams. I have no idea what the scorpion weighs. With the light weight cars you might have to narrow the tires and run bigger hub tires. A higher gear ratio to rev the motor helps also. I can't give you an exact theory on what the play between the pans does. Sometimes it weill do the opposite of what you think. It is a matter of trial and error. Sometimes it will also do different things for different drivers.