View Full Version : My Nats experience

Jeff Bechtel
08-10-2007, 09:19 AM
I just wanted to thank Roman,J.D.,Mimi, Nan, Nan's wife and all the rest of the staff at The Track for their most gracious hospitality during Lisa's and my stay at the Nats this year. A most earned thanks to Lem Campbell and Roman for their excellent race director duties.
I would also like to speak to what the Nats means to me.
I have been attending the Nats on a steady basis since 1994. I have only missed two Nats (1997 & 2005) since then. During this time I have met and made many, many friends. Some, if not all, of these friends Lisa and I only see once a year. At the Nats! The Nats is not only "THE" race of the year but it is a chance to get together with friends and have some of the most fun of the year. The Nats brings together the "best" racers from all over the world. Lisa and I have always tried to accomplish two things when we go to the Nats. Meet "new" friends and learn "new" things to help us go fast. If we leave without either of these two goals we feel like it was not a successful Nats. This year was a "very" successful year for us! No, Lisa and I did not finish very well. However, we made new friends and learned some more new race secrets. It is for this reason that Lisa and I would like to thank the following people for making our Nats experience a great one:

Jeff Miller, Gil Goldstein, Tony Thomas, Larry Pellegrini- for their undivided attention to our cars during pit time.
Jeff Miller, Gil Goldstein- for their race prep information to help me get ready for the Nats.
Doug Bauer- for parts and motors
Michael Iga, Kent Nigro, and all of the other Int-15 and C-12 racers.
It has been my observation that this small group of racers seems to have more fun and get along better than some of the other upper class racers.
Some of my Nats highlights:
Mimi's dog sleeping in the showcase
Brian Eardley's Zen qualifying technique
A 1.9 second lap with an Int-15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Iga stepping up to race with the Pro C-12 racers (just to fill the field)
Doug Bauer kissing the Moose at Bugaboo's
Doug Bauer sending the "Birthday Moose" over to Viper Jerry at Bugaboo's
Int-15's and C-12's being split like they should be so that all may race the way that it is intended. Had it not been for this split Lisa would not been able to race this year. Once again thanks to all who attended the Nats and to all my "Friends"