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08-17-2007, 11:24 AM
Where do I begin to thank all the people that made my Nat's win a reality???
Let me start by saying that this years USRA Nationals was a dream come true
for me. I have been racing at the Nat's beginning at Zeppelin in 1992 I did not attend 1993 and have attended all the others through this year. I guess I am a slow starter, it took me 15 years to win my first Nats title.

I only built 5 GP-27 motors for the race. One motor was only good for testing the body and Chassis and two were just average the one I ran in the main was super and number five never was never raced or tested. I came to a gun fight with a knife but I knew that this race was all mine. I was out gunned by many of the racers and although being down by many laps I drove with the confidence of a winner. In that main event I felt an inner peace that could not be rattled. I cant fully explain this but even before we went to Maryland I told Doug that I would win the Pro-27 race. That being said its time for me to thank all of you that were a big part of my win.

Mimi and Nan for there hospitality and a great racing facility.

Roman JD Kent for all you did to get this event together

Lamo for tire testing at the Track

Forrest for all the help you gave me and tools and more help and more tools and tire testing at Buena Park

Red Fox/ Gugu for providing me with the best GP-27 chassis, body and New guide flag

Balance by Beuf/Paul for your superb Balancing and the best 14 mag motor ever built.

GT-1/ Gil for the best spur gears I have ever raced ( I used the same gear for the consi semi and main)

Defalco for a great electronic controller.

Koford for there terrific GP-27 armatures

Who Racing/ Mike for making me a fantastic hub for the Thunder Rubber Tires

ARP Racing/Tommy for all your help with my tire machine and your precision 10 tooth pinions

Erkle for building and rebuilding my race chassis Also for updating my Defalco You are the Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed Sohl for truing all my Thunder racing tires

Derrick for keeping my lanes clean and fast.

Chubby for all you help in the pits and in sharing this win with me.

Port Jeff/ Doug thanks for giving me a home raceway where I could learn and race with the best racers on the planet. I am sure glad you took apart my 27 motors so I could get the arms balanced because I ran out of time.

Respectfully Skinner :D :D

If I forgot someone please PM me and I will edit this post

Aubin 3 sixteen
08-18-2007, 06:08 AM
With all the whining, complaining, arguing and general blah-blah that goes on in slotcar racing, Bill Skinners win at the Nats has to be the feel good story of the year. He was always ther, always had a story to tell or an ear to lend to your story. Everyone has a nice guy story to tell about Bill. When I was at the Alpha Worlds (98?) I made the amateur main but had used all my motors. When Bill heard he walked over, without being asked, and handed me 3 motors to use. When we we done (I managed 2nd) he would would not take any money for the loaners, I think myabe he took a few pair of motor brushes, that's it!

When there is a big race in Brazil, who represents the US? Bill Skinner.
When there is a big race in Europe, who represents the US? Bill Skinner.
When you talk about class in slotcar racing, who represents us? Bill Skinner.

Congratulations on your 15 year trip to become an overnight success story!

08-18-2007, 09:36 PM
Bill the pleasure was all mine to help. This man worked very hard in the crunch time to get the Thunder Rubber tires ready for customers at the Nats. He would work hours on end then take care of his day job.

The work you did this year definitely went with reward as you won your first Nats. Bill it was great to see you win friend and I hope it is not the last one for you.