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12-01-2002, 12:03 PM
Paul,with all of the luck I've had with my Flexi-4, I've had just the opposite with my 4.5" program. I need your help !
Background : 185 ft. Engleman mostly flat turns. One "pinched radius" turn off of the panel. Motor/chassis : S16d's, 3/32 axles front & rear with 64 p. gears (typically 12or13:35/36/37), fish rubber narrowed to hub, front tires .720, rears .790, .020" guide flag height & clips not pin tubing. Body: for this discussion, I'll limit it to 4.5" NASCAR ('99 Taurus-SS). Lastly, the issue of lead weight. 2-4 gr. front & rear of pans (adjusted according to track conds.) 3-5gr. behind guide flag to keep front planted. No chatter but a little too tippy at times.
So. there it is. My question is : can you point me in a general direction for a good baseline set up for the f-2/4.5 ? I feel like I'm using too much weight because I'm missing something in the basic set up. I'd really prefer to run weightless but I know that even under "ideal" conditions that can't always be done.
Whatever you can tell me about something I may have overlooked or even if I need to start from scratch, I'd really appreciate it. The lack of handling is killing me !
As always - thanx !

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Paul Ciccarello
12-02-2002, 06:53 AM
The biggest thing with the 4.5 chassis is to make the front wheels touch all the time and use superglue or nail pilish in them.


12-02-2002, 07:51 AM
Paul, thanx a lot ! Will give it a try.

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bobby davis
12-02-2002, 05:41 PM

I want to remind you to look at the braid depth all the way around the track at fastracks.

12-03-2002, 09:16 AM
Bobby, that was the first thing that crossed my mind after Paul's post. Braid at track level in some places, & .010 - .015 rcessed in others. It'll make getting it right tough to do. I was thinking about juuuuuuuust barely running the fronts off of the surface. Running "on" the track really kills me when I hit those high spots. We've got another 4.5 NASCAR race this Friday. I'm going to see if my new changes are a winner or a bust. I tried to make the 4.5 T-flex work but just had a little too much inconsistency with it. I decided to go back to what I know. The lead sled is predictable if nothing else. Thanx for the braid reminder though.
As always thanx to all that took the time to contribute to the knowledge pool !

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12-23-2002, 08:18 AM
about the champion t-flex 4.5 . i was was having the same problem with mine . found a couple of post on here about the t-flex . one said the pan should be sitting above the center section . so i had to put a washer in it to rasie the pan up and it made a world of difference . i have not tried the nail polish or super glue on the fronts but i will soon . glenn if your looking for some harder fronts Randy has them in the tire case . bottom left side in the back .

Tom Marsteller
12-23-2002, 09:40 AM

I learned that you should check your guide height at multiple sections and lanes. Especially in spots where the car is giving you the most trouble. It is not uncommon to find tracks that have been rebraided have deviations in braid recess.

Just to reinforce what Paul has stated, get the fronts touching lightly all the time.


12-23-2002, 03:41 PM
:) I know its a pain...But work the polish or S glu. in the tire. Let that dry and coat again. Then break out the tire truer and tru it using a lite touch... The tire will slide lots easier and wont bounce..
KEEP THE NAIL POLISH REMOVER HANDY!!!! You will not believe what will stick to your fingers....
With glued fingers,

12-23-2002, 09:12 PM
Better idea,

Buy a set of 'Sonic' Hard- ones fronts. Work better than the soft foam fronts and they won't wear out in the bank's.

And you won't need to use the polish, or superglooooo.:p

12-23-2002, 10:14 PM
Gentlemen, thank you all for the input. I've already made the transition to slightly harder rubber up front with varying results. The best results came by lowering the front to about .025" guide height & using some SRT hard fronts. This is still a work in progress but I think I'm getting there. I've had the local hot shoe re-work my T-flex - we'll see about that. But for now the search continues with my big 'ol F-2.
Thanx again to everyone - the knowledge pool continues to grow.
Merry X-mas,

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