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M G Brown
02-08-2008, 08:48 PM
The Dan Artman Memorial Trophy- Awarded to the highest overall finisher in all ISRA Classes.

In September 2007, Dan Artman, owner of Raceway Hobby's in Mineral Ridge Ohio (Site of the 2007 ISRA North American Championships), died of a heart attack while caring for his aged mother.

Dan's cooperation and help allowing Roger Schmitt, Jeff Goldberg and myself to attend the 2007 North American Championships were instrumental in the creation of the 2008 North American Masters.

Dan was an ardent supporter of ISRA-style scale racing, he definitely had some "quirks" in his personality (who doesn't? or as "Sano" Dave Fielder has been known to say to me: "There's something wrong with youse!") but he was a friendly man who deep in his heart wanted people who attended races at his facility to feel that they were welcome and that they leave feeling satisfied having had "fun". I feel Dan was keenly aware that when all of the "politics" and so forth is put aside, we are all just grown men playing a game with electric toy cars.

In that spirit, the organizers and sponsors of the 2008 ISRA/USA Masters have established the Dan Artman Memorial Trophy. This trophy will be awarded to the racer completing the most number of laps in all of the ISRA racing classes held during the 2008 Masters.

Much like the Borg-Warner Trophy is kept at the Indianapolis Motor Speeday "Hall of Fame" museum, this trophy will be on display at Mid-America Raceway and Hobbies. A plaque with the 2008 winner's name and lap total will be inscribed and affixed permanently to the trophy base.

Good luck gentlemen- and hopefully Dan Artman's spirit will smile on you as he looks on this event from Slot Racers heaven (where the power is always clean and there are no "riderrrrrr" calls).


Day One - Event One
1/32 Production - 22 Entries

1/32 Production Qualifying Spreadsheet (http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pEQkk0XYYF2iPQyKM7ikaTw)


TQ - Kevin Van Pelt

Racing Results - 1/32 Production

Day One - Event One Race Results - Final (http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pEQkk0XYYF2iK-Jj0ve1WCQ)


1st - "Sano" Dave Fiedler
2nd - George Russel
3rd - GuGu "Red Fox"

Dave's Winning Car:


Chassis - JK Cheetah /32 2008
Motor - JK Falcon VII
Tires - JK
Guide - Red Fox "The Blade" red
Body - BPA Reynard paint by DS
Gears - GT-1
Controller - 3rd Eye Renegade

Thank you to JK Products for sponsoring this race! Thank you Jerry Kulich for taking time to attend the 2008 North American Masters; we sure appreciate all you do for Chicago racers and slot racing in general.

02-08-2008, 09:25 PM
Thank you MG for the coverage, It looks awesome.

M G Brown
02-08-2008, 10:51 PM
Day One - Event Two

JRL 1/24 - 19 Entries

JRL 1/24 Qualifying (http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pEQkk0XYYF2ggujgtynLiDw)

TQ: Kevin Van Pelt


Kevin also won Concours... way to go Kevin (Iga says that's the "kiss of death").

JRL 1/24 Races Spreadsheet (http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pEQkk0XYYF2giv6NEKWRhGA)


1st - Kevin "Triple Threat" Van Pelt
2nd - Dave Schlueter
3rd - Roger Schmitt

The Winning Car:


Winner's Tech Sheet:

Chassis: HRK/JK F1 2008
Motor: Mid America "Dark Star"
Tires: Speedshop
Body: Red Fox Williams F1
Gears: JK
Controller: 3rd Eye Gold Crown

Thank you to GT-1 Racing for sponsoring this race!

02-08-2008, 11:02 PM
Bummer....was hoping to make it in early 6am Saturday morning.....Just got home from two wasted hours at the airport.
My last minute booking (midnight Saturday morning) flight was cancelled by the airline due to overbooking and storm delays. Guess I was too far down the food chain. Best rebooking they could come up with was arriving late Saturday. Way too late for the Open12 and 1/24th Euros. Oh well maybe next year.


M G Brown
02-09-2008, 03:11 AM
Day One - Event Three

D3 F1 - (lucky) 13 Entries


Craig Landry Memorial Concours - Brian Meharry. Thank you to master painter Jack Beers not only for judging concours but also for graciously pulling his car from concours so that someone else might have a prayer (see below).


As many of you know, Craig Landry, founder of Zap racing and exceptional chassis builder, lost his long battle with illness late in 2007. This D3 F1 concours award is to remember Craig's contribution to slot car racing in the hope that his tireless spirit lives on in the racing community. A contribution will be sent to Craig's widow Susan from the Chicago area racers. Thank you to those who donated to this fund and wished to remain anonymous.

Race Results for D3 F1 (http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pEQkk0XYYF2g7-BS_bDJvdw)


1st - "Sano" Dave Fiedler
2nd - GuGu "Red Fox"
3rd - Philippe "TSR" de Lespinay

When the race was over- someone commented that this was the first International D3 Race (having entries from Canada, Brazil and even hyper exotic Des Plaines, IL). Is this true? Can anyone verify this?

There are lots of nice close ups in the gallery.

"Sano" Dave's winning D3 F1


Winner's Tech Sheet:
(special super enhanced edition at no extra cost to you!)

Chassis: "Sano" by Dave
Ballast: Speedshop
Brass Tubing: K&B
Piano Wire: Steinway
Guide: Red Fox "The Blade" white
Guide Spacer: Stupidfast Bronze
(don't forget your) Guide nut: Slick 7
Braid: Parma "Big Mamma"
Braid Juice: Slick 7
Lead Wire: TQ
Tires: JK
Gears: Parma/JK
Gear / Wheel Fasteners: Grub Screws "R" Us and all night Internet cafe
Axle: JK
Motor: TSRF Limited Edition 2008 Masters Collectable
Blueprinting: TRACO engineering
Body: Buena Park Cooper paint by DF
Body Pins: Jo Anne Fabrics
Body Tape: 3M Industrial Specialty Products
Body Material: SABIC Innovative Plastics Lexan(tm) polycarbonate resin thermoplastic .007"
Body Detailing: Sharpie Industrial Super Permanent
Interior: Hexcel Carbon Fibre
Scissor: Fiskars Brands Inc.
Coachwork: Troutman & Barnes
Computational Fluid Dynamics: Lockheed
Controller: 3rd Eye Renegade Custom
Controller clips: Parma
Doo-hickey: Specialty Casting Products
Motor Tool: Dremel International
Solder: Wrightway
Oil: Liquid Bearings
Shocks: KONI North America Racing Division (front), FOX Shox (rear)
Communications: Motorola
Slot Box: DJ's Hot Slots
Pit Chair: Spectrum Industries Inc.
Crew Catering: Marriott
Tools by: Hudy / Klein Tools
CNC Machining: Haas Automation
Wind Tunnel: Newman Haas Lanigan Racing of Lincolnshire, IL in cooperation with hizzonor the Mayor's office of special events.
Concept by: Mc Kee Racing (Palatine, IL)
Standby Generators: Honda North America
(censored due to the patriot act) by: Universal Oil Products
Mr. Fiedler's Wardrobe by: 4-mile Merchant at Road America / Carhartt
Mr. Fiedler's Waistline by: The Gear Box at Road America (conveeeeeeeently located between the 4-mile merchant and the false grid)
Energy Drinks provided by: Sobe No Fear
Transportation: Saturn Division of General Motors (formerly "Saturn Motors")
Soundtrack: Beach Boys "Pet Sounds"
Track Spray Glue: Koford / Ace Hardware Naptha
HVAC: Carrier "Pro Edition"
Logistics: Fed Ex
Computers provided by: Dell (Dude! Dave's got a Dell)
Long Distance by Sprint
Official Snack: Snickers
Pit Bicycles provided by Specialized
Lighting: Sylvania Halogen
Legal Representation: Willie, Lappem and Howe
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster® VG
Stunt Double: Tony "Smoke" Stewart
Underwear by Nomex division of Dupont
Late Night Inspiration: Monogram / Lionel
Fragrance: Old Spice Classic
Razor: Gillette Fusion
GuGu and PdL's post-event crying towels "provided" by Holiday Inn Express of Oswego
Media Support provided by Scale Auto Racing Magazine a division of Ford Publishing
Biography coming in spring of 2009 from Doubleday books "Good to Go!" as told to George Plimpton
"They Call Me Mr Sano" - Director's cut available on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD from Sony Pictures (coming soon to iTunes)
Special Effects: Lucasfilm Ltd.
Animation: Pixar Studios
Addidional Funding Provided by: William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Bath Fixtures provided for promotional consideration by Kohler (Dave Sez: "I wouldn't use anything else!")


No animals were harmed in the running of this D3 Race (if you can't prove anything- it didn't happen)

Any rebroadcast, reproduction or other use of the pictures and accounts of this race without the express written consent of D3(tm) Racing LtD PTY (Oh no, that's next door. It's being-hit-on-the-head lessons in here) is prohibited (stupid git).

Thank you to True Scale Racing for sponsoring this Race! (Official provider of D3(tm) motors to the 2008 North American Masters).

02-09-2008, 03:58 AM
Looks like some great, close racing in 1/32 production. I love that 1/32 Cheetah!
JRL was not as close and a rout for the locals. What is that Indy chassis the winner used? Is that a new JK?

Congrats to the the Retro F-1 podium guys!!! Two for Fiedler so far. Awesome job! GuGu, as usual is starting to show as he learns the track and look, who is that? Some old one eyed Spanish/French/American guy beat all those young dudes and made the podium! Great job PDL!

Just a word to the wise. LOOK OUT FOR GEORGE RUSSELL!!!
Believe me, I know from experience. You will not even know he is there and then, when you notice him, it's too late!

Greg G.

02-11-2008, 07:54 AM
wow dave cleaned house nice run wish I could of ran

Greg N
02-11-2008, 04:02 PM
I had a great time, actually, I think that we all did! For me, the racing was great, but the best part was getting to see my friends from NE ISRA, Chicago, and Seattle again, as well as to meet the Northern and Southern California ISRAlites, all of those fabulous D3 racers, and assorted other new to me faces, including the chance to actually meet my friend Bill Nolen for the first time face to face.

My only regret was not being able to race in the TSRF IROC race, but I'd been up racing EuroSports till 2:45 on Sunday am, and 8 am just came too fast!!

Special thanks to Roger, Laura, MG, and Lou for all that you did for us!!

I for one will happily return to Roger's raceway for their next big ISRA race!


02-12-2008, 06:56 PM
Looks like some great, close racing in 1/32 production. I love that 1/32 Cheetah!
JRL was not as close and a rout for the locals. What is that Indy chassis the winner used? Is that a new JK?

Just a word to the wise. LOOK OUT FOR GEORGE RUSSELL!!!
Believe me, I know from experience. You will not even know he is there and then, when you notice him, it's too late!

Greg G.

Greg, we missed you A LOT, dude. The hamburgers next door were every bit as good as the famous KRUSH BURGER near Frank's....you know, the ground beef that is ground really coarse. And many, many thanks to Gugu who bought me and Herman some cheeseburgers, he saved our lives one night....my first meeting with this true gentleman from Brazil.

You're right about the JRL cars, Slider. Those boys back east have those things really figured out. I think some were running Super Wasps, correct me if I'm wrong guys. We run these once a year at The Flats in Seattle, most of us use Contenders. That new chassis has been out a while, I think called HNR. I ran it myself and it'd definitely better than the JK chassis. And those Baby Cheetahs are cute as can be, aren't they! We run the JK steel "Falcon Eurosport" chassis regularly at Frank's, site of the 2008 USRA Scale Nats in mid April. Herman ran a Cheetah, Lee got the tuning figured out and it was flying. This is the first race with Baby Cheetahs running against the JK steel "Falcon Eurosport" chassis, Fiedler got me by half a lap, and he was shocked as hell he won!!! I knew when he passed me in the last heat with only a handful of laps to go he had me. The two JK chassis seemed pretty equal.

By the way, Greg is just referring to the day that he was chasing me and I stopped under the bridge so he came out by himself and got messed up. Greg was quoted as saying, "sir, you are pure evil". We love ya Greg!