View Full Version : Newbe /w a Parma 2 ohm controler

01-06-2003, 08:30 PM
I received my first slot car for Christmas a used Parma flex-4 with a motor that armature is marked X12+ and a gtp body. I have taken it to a small local track a couple of times and rented a controller. Today I bought a Parma 2-ohm at a new to me track it was much longer and seems to look like the picture of a "king" track. Anyway I noticed that the first initial movement of the trigger caused a lot more speed then I was use to with the rental controller at the other track and when switching to my sons new car a RTR Taurus with a champion flexi T? and deathstar motor totally stock. I could not get it around some of the corners without de-slotting I could not keep power on and go slow enough. After Switching back to my car crashing so hard that the rear axle broke I bought a wing body and axle and was able to do all right.

Anyway the question is: Is there and ways to slow down the power for that first step, even if I lose a little top end.

Paul Ciccarello
01-08-2003, 06:42 AM
You will need a 3 ohm. It will not effect the top speed.