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Bill Fulmer
04-06-2010, 06:20 PM
See posting in Slot Car Talk at top of forum. Thanks Bill

04-06-2010, 06:24 PM
Bill, I will be sending you a box if items for the auction.

Bill Fulmer
04-06-2010, 06:32 PM
Thanks Rick, I have a feeling that this will turn out well,slot racers are the best people in the world,even in Belgium.:D:rolleyes:

05-11-2010, 12:36 PM
As Promised in a prior post...

Tony P - R-Geo - Noose Team-up

R-Geo will supply a Samurai kit to Tony P who will build a chassis with it. Noose will supply all the parts to include a TSR motor and a specially-painted GT Coupe body. This complete IRRA™ legal GT Coupe class car will be part of this raffle.


The tony P RGeo Samuari Spyder with Noose Skin is ready for shipment. So START BUYING YOUR TICKETS!!!

O/S Lola GT Body, New, broken in TSR Motor, ARP 9 tooth angled pinion, 28 tooth crown, Koford axle, Red Fox Guide, TQ lead wires, Proformance ball bearings, JK treated rears, and JK fronts. All ready for the IRRA GTC Class! Easily used for Can-Am class too.







Bill Fulmer
05-11-2010, 02:07 PM
Big Thanks to Joe,Tony,and Rick for ,making the above car available for the raffle. It ia a piece of slot car art! Thanks again to all who have donated. Bill

Bill Fulmer
05-13-2010, 02:34 PM
Tom Thumb Hobbies will team up with Rt.93 on Sat the 15th for the benefit for Scott and Bayleigh. A scheduling conflict with a race on May 15th at Tom Thumb will preclude Mike getting up to Rt-93. So Mike has committed to all the entry fees paid to him will be donated to the benefit. Mike will also have raffle tickets for sale up until the time of the drawing for sale. So if you can't make it to Rt-93 and are close to the Columbus Area come out and support a worthy cause. Thank you Mike

Bill Fulmer
05-14-2010, 02:14 PM
The sale of tickets thru the pay-pal system will end at midnight Eastern time today May-14.

Just got home and the Tony-P built,R-Geo framed and Noose Custom Paint body was in the mail. Whoever wins this is in for a major surprise,the photos as good as they are do not do justice to the finished product,anyone attending the race tommorrow will get to see it in person,it is worth the trip just for that! It is one of those things that gives you satisfaction just looking at it.

I will have all the winners posted by tommorrow evening. Thanks again to all who contributed and good luck in the drawing

Bill Fulmer
05-14-2010, 06:35 PM
Just want to list some of the contributers that I have knowledge of,will have more tommorow when I see the list from the ticket sales at Rt-93,again this is a partial list.
Donations,no tickets:
Greg Wells
Tom Thumb Hobbies
Bill Fulmer

Raffle entries:

James Merriman
Bernie Cox
Butch Dunaway
Dave(shadow) Smerika
Kyle Norris
Rob Kurlyo
Paul Murr
Tony P
Rob Hanson
R-Geo Rick
Mike Patterson
John Austin
John Streisguth
Ron VanWagnen
Mike Sherperd
Tom Thumb Hobbies
Greg Wells
Ron Smith

Apologies if I butchered any names , Thank you one and all for the support. Bill

Bill Fulmer
05-15-2010, 04:38 PM
More entries from Rt-93 raceway:
Brian Mcpherson
Dave (cheeseman)
Dan Myers
Tom Calvert
Mike Gerber
Bill(Bear) Overmeyer
Lenny M
Farmer Dan
Ron V
Jay Sabala

Thanks to all who entered the raffle.

Bill Fulmer
05-15-2010, 05:26 PM
And the winners are!

For the Tony p,Noose,R -Geo Car, Richard Ellis,a Rt-93 regular,Frank can fill in more details about him. Richard also won 1 of the D-3 motors

For the O'Keefe Chassis, Brian McPhereson, Brian also won 1 of the Samauri R-Geo kits.

For the Steube Chassis, Andy B,a Rt-93 regular racer

For the Crutchfield Can-Am car, Paul Murr an internet entry.

For the Dirty Hairy Thingie Car, Dan Meyers

For the Vintage Monogram Porsche donated by the Cheeseman, Greg "Cheater" Wells, also a D-3 motor

For the Noose Custom Painted Body and Interior, Bill(Bear)Overmeyer,also a D-3 motor.

For the FX Can-Am Chassis kit, Mike Sheperd, internet entry also the second R_Geo Samirai kit.

For the Back Track Jig from FBR, Justin aka Dirty Hairy,also a D-3 motor and the Parma Flexi-5 car. Proof it is always better to be lucky than good.

For the R-Geo Victory Kit,Jay"The Mad Mexican" Sabala.

For the R-geo soldering Iron,Greg Miller,local racer.

For the R-Geo set up block donated by JB Raceway, Farmer Dan,local.

For the R-Geo set up block donated by R-Geo,Tom Thumb Raceways, block # 4

For the Cort TC-101 set up block, Bernie Cox,FBR

For the Cort TC-102 set up block, Noose

For the Cort TC-102 set up block, Rick from R-Geo

For an Apple I-pod player ,Dave(Cheeseman) also a D-3 motor

For an Apple I-pod Player, John Streisguth, internet entry.

For TSR D-3 motors,Tom Thumb Hobbies block #5,Frank Miller,Lucas,James Merriman.

The raffle took in $1017.00,there are still more monies coming in and I will post a final total as soon as I have it. Bayleigh has decided to donate the total amount to the local Hospice that took care of Scot in his final days.So in the next week Debbie and I will deliver the funds to the hospice. I will start mailing out prizes to the winners on Tues. Can't begin to thank everybody that helped,donated and contributed time and monies to this project but will try in another post. Thanks Bill

Bill Fulmer
05-15-2010, 05:39 PM

pics from the race,batteries died so there aren' any more from me.

Bill Fulmer
05-15-2010, 07:40 PM
GT-1 OCC rules

Place/Laps/Best Lap/ Driver

1) 174/5.26/ Ron

2) 173/ 5.32/ Thomas

3) 168/ 5.37/ Frank

4) 166/ 5.33/ Bear

5) 163/ 5.48/ Cheese

6) 163/ 5.16/ Cable Guy

7) 159/ 5.59/ Mike

8) 156/ 5.32/ Justin

9) 154/ 5.75/ Jay

Retro- Can-Am IRRA rules

1) 253/ 5.10/ Thomas

2) 251/ 5.26/ Frank

3) 247/ 5.43/ Ron

4) 247/ 5.38/ Bear

5) 243/ 5.26/ Brian

6) 242/ 5.48/ Justin

7) 237/ 5.55/ Bill

8) 237/ 5.43/ Jay

9) 237/ 5.44/ Cheese

10)216/ 5.54/ Dan

FCR Semi Trucks

1) 141/ 6.30/ Justin

2) 139/ 6.32/ Frank

3) 138/ 6.41/ Bread

4) 132/ 6.41/ Cable Guy

5) 121/ 6.53/ Christina

6) 117/ 6.97/ Bayleigh

7) 115/ 7.25/ Andy

8) 109/ 7.07 MOM

9) 107/ 6.59/ Cheese

10) 98/ 6.58/ Farmer Dan