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04-15-2010, 06:40 AM
The Gator Region Retro Racing (GRRR) will be holding it's first Florida Retro Race on Sunday, April 25th at ASR IndoorMotorSports (IMS) in Longwood, Florida.

ASR IMS is the newest raceway to open in the Sunshine State. The proprietor, Kenny Holton, a long time slot car racer, decided to "do it the right way" when he wanted to open ASR IMS. He went out, bought some first class tracks and then put them into first class condition.

The "Featured" track is a 155 foot King track that once resided in Dan Artman's Raceway in Ohio. In 2003, the Nationals were held on the track. Since Kenny Holton wanted a great track, he went and bought this one, moved it to Florida and then put it into 'like new condition'. The track is smooth, fast and a challenge to go fast on, just like a great King track should be. It is a 'driver's King' where you have to drive the Deadman, Finger, 90, Donut and Lead on. That is where the most time can be made up. The Flexi-GT and JK Spec Class racing will be held on the King at ASR on the 25th of April.


I don't have much running time on the Hillclimb - it was just put into operation yesterday for the first time. The track was in San Diego, but Kenny say it, decided this is the track he wanted and went out and brought it back. After moving it into position, he contacted Don "Grumpy" Bryans, who as it turned out, originally built the track in 1991 while working for Ogilvie. "Grumpy" put his heart and sole into the reconditioning of this track and last night I saw firsthand what a craftsman can do to a track. The new racing surface is superb, smooth and has lots of grip. The track is a joy to drive and it is a true 'driver's track'. It kind of acts like a flat track at times. like a short track at times and then it's got a big high banked turn, so it kind of like acts like a big track as well. It should be fast, but I already know it's gonna be a lot of fun racing on this track. Here are a couple of photos:


I am really looking forward to racing GT-Coupes on this track on April 25th.

When you take a look at these photos:


You will notice a 'plastic track' and some space.

Well the 'plastic track' is a Scalextric setup and if you have a car, the time is free for you to come in and enjoy. Or if you want to try it to see if you like it, there are always a couple of cars there to try - once again, for free.

Then there is that big space just sitting there. It's long, but narrow, so what would work there? How about an 1/8 mile drag strip? The same Don "Grumpy" Bryans is now building a complete 1/8 mile drag strip to be added early in May of this year.

If you're in the area, drop on it. Hopefully you will find ASR IMS a great place to not only race Retro, but also just about any kind of slot cars.

ASR IndoorMotorSports
600 North US hwy 17-92 Suites 100-106
Longwood, Florida 32750

E-Mail ASR IndoorMotorSports (info@asrindoormotorsports.com)

04-17-2010, 07:10 PM
I got the opportunity to visit ASR for the first time on Friday. The King is top-notch and the Hillclimb looks smooth and fast (didn’t get to run on it; no computer was hooked up, but this should be done this week). And Kenny is setting up a first-rate facility. I can recommend to all local Florididdlings, and out-of-staters visiting the Orlando area, to bring your toy cars and ‘troller along for a visit. And there’s still time to make it to the GRRR race. Or the next one… Come on you FL guys, snag up some K&S and start buildin’ yer own (and, yes, burning fingers on your non-soldering iron hand is part of the process, but you will build up calluses…). And I hope to see all you northern (GA and up) scratchbuilders down here sometime. Y’all shouldn’t worry about coming in the summer either, ‘cause we got AC down here too…

Rick ;)