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M G Brown
10-10-2010, 08:42 AM
3rd PanAm Plafit 2010 Championship
PanAm Plafit 2010

The 3rd Plafit PanAm is the closer to the ISRA Worlds 2010 week.

The teams participating are identified as:

True North Car #2 Drivers: Mark Campbell / Tim Snyder
CanAm Car #3 Drivers: Franco DeVuono / Brett Harrison
Quicky Car #4 Drivers Ernie Mossetti / Theo Vander Huysen
Team A.R.T. Car #5 Drivers: Heikki Sinisarri / Kari Sinisarri
East River Car #6 Drivers: Chris Bruyninx/ Chuck Gambo
Too Tired to Race Car # 7 Drivers: Laura Schmitt / Roger Schmitt
MSS Racing Car # 9 Drivers: Brian Meharry / Dustin Senft
Racing for Emilia Car #10 Drivers: Emilia Sinisarri / Lars Harryson
Racing For Kids / Make a Wish Car # 11 Driver: Vickie Day / Ed "DZ" Dziewor / M. G. Brown
All English Car # 12 Drivers: Ben Woodward / Graham Woodward / Kevin Thornton
Bilbaneteamet Car # 13 Drivers: Torgny Nordgren / Christer Holgesson
Just In Time Car # 14 Drivers: Matt Bruce / Bo Akerson
Roundheads Car # 16 Drivers: Mike Stahl / Paul Gawronski
Gods Car #17 Drivers: Chris Radisich / Brian Saunders / Howie Ursaner
SoCal Car # 19 Drivers: Mike Kravitz / Dennis Samson
Half Gods Car # 20 Drivers: Dave Fiedler / Nick De Wachter

Cars were assigned in a random draw at sign-in. All are Plafit SLP chassis with Formula LeMans Carbon Composite bodies by Nick de Wachter.

The above list is provisional prior to the conclusion of the A Semifinal as I understand that some high-level trading of drivers was being done during the ISRA Worlds Awards Banquet last evening.

Quarterfinal Results
Mid America Raceway and Hobbies

Total Laps / Best Time / Team Name

179.34 7.308 Gods
178.70 7.533 Half Gods
178.10 7.705 Roundheads
177.50 7.526 Just in Time
176.67 7.443 East River
175.90 7.424 Bilbaneteamet
175.74 7.301 Racing for Emilia
175.47 7.311 Quicky
175.28 7.701 MSS
171.60 7.387 Socal
165.95 7.663 True North
165.16 7.341 All English
162.30 8.164 CanUS
156.15 8.174 Racing for Kids

Teams with no lap totals declined to participate in the qualifier.

Coverage of the event is on live webcam at: http://www.oldweirdherald.com/2010_ISRA_Worlds/

10-10-2010, 09:01 AM
The Web Cam is till on............Use Pauls link from 1/24 ES

M G Brown
10-10-2010, 09:10 AM
Round 1 Final

Group B Results


714.65 Just in Time
697.32 MSS
689.61 Quicky
681.90 Bilbaneteamet
677.55 SoCal
674.36 All English
671.54 True North
668.85 CanUS

Group A Results


720.74 Gods
719.74 Roundheads
717.00 Half Gods
709.84 Too Tired to Race
708.76 East River
697.70 Team A.R.T.
697.63 Racing For Emilia
597.63 Racing For Kids (Wheel Bearing Fail - Car Repaired)

10-10-2010, 09:44 AM
Watch Live:

2010 ISRA Worlds / PanAm Live Webcam @ OWH (http://www.oldweirdherald.com/2010_ISRA_Worlds/)
(Track & Lap Counter webcams + live chat)

I was not aware of the PanAm races being held also this weekend! Judging by all the others on the live chat, I'm not alone, since most logged on the webcams to see the ISRA racing.

So - watch the PanAm Plafit races via the same page with 2 webcams & live chat!

M G Brown
10-10-2010, 11:22 AM
Overall Standings after 1 Round

720.74 Gods
719.34 Roundheads
717.00 Half Gods
714.65 Just In Time
709.84 Too Tired to Race
708.76 East River
697.70 Team A.R.T.
697.63 Racing for Emilia
697.32 MSS
689.61 Quicky
681.90 Bilbaneteamet
677.55 SoCal
674.36 All English
671.54 True North
668.85 CanUS
597.63 Racing For Kids

Round 2 Will Begin at approx 1:30 PM Local Time, enough time for Vickie to go for a little drive- it's such nice weather here....


10-10-2010, 01:01 PM
Link to MG's Photo Gallery with a few pics of the Plafit cars... I'm sure he'll be posting more pics when he's not busy racing or marshaling!


M G Brown
10-10-2010, 01:58 PM
PanAm Plafit 2010 Round 2


Group B Results

708.28 Just in Time
691.68 Quicky
682.18 SoCal
679.19 MSS
675.70 All English
674.08 CanUS
668.69 Bilbaneteamet
663.68 True North

Group A Results

720.74 Gods
719.34 Roundheads
717.00 Half Gods
709.84 Too Tired to Race
708.76 East River
687.70 Team ART
697.63 Racing for Emilia
597.63 Racing for Kids


1st Team Gods Combined Laps: 1426.50 Drivers: Chris Radisich / Brian Saunders / Howie Ursaner


2nd Team Roundheads Combined Laps: 1420.12 Drivers: Mike Stahl / Paul Gawronski


3rd Team Just In Time Combined Laps: 1415.93 Drivers: Matt Bruce / Bo Akerson

(At the time, Matt was in the process of catching a flight so Vickie Day joined Bo on the podium to celebrate).

Attached to this message is the combined round 1 and round 2 results giving the overall winner.

Thank you to Andy Wasserman for summing the two rounds and producing the final data, and of course for donating his services as event race director.

M G Brown
10-10-2010, 10:52 PM
After a brutal and challenging week of ISRA World Championshiop racing, the 3rd PanAm was a great way for some true legends of Slot Car racing (and at least one person in their very first race ever!) to enjoy themselves with the excellently prepared Formula LeMans cars provided by Mark Campbell and Nick de Wachter.

Right after the awards presentation I caught up with Howie who was grinning ear from ear over the team victory. You would have thought that he had won the Japanese (F1) Grand Prix held earlier in the weekend. The intensity of racing was certainly no less than shown in any other event held during Worlds Week 2010.

Based on the comments in webcam "chat", the audience around the world enjoyed the spectacle of the 3rd PanAm too. I felt privilged to be included in such a deep pool of scale racing talent. Unfortunately the wheel bearing failure put paid to our hopes of bettering our result of 4th overall in the inaugural PanAm Plafit Championship.

Thank you to event sponsors GR1D and of course Plafit for their support which made this event possible.

Thank you to Mid-America Raceways and Hobbies for providing the event location and track for the second time (the 1st PanAm was also held at Mid-America in their former location in Montgomery, IL).

A heartfelt thanks to Nick de Wachter for creating and providing the carbon composite Formula LeMans bodies used on all of the race cars.

I feel that this race was more fun than can be otherwise be had legally and if it is at all possible, I would strongly urge you to make plans to participate in the PanAm Plafit championship IV in 2011 (details TBA).