View Full Version : New Rear Chassis Piece

12-13-2010, 12:57 PM
After being asked by more than 2 people that they wanted one of these made to fit the R-Geo motor box, I figured it's worht the effort. SO here it is, I am calling it "The Backatcha". The unit pictured is made from .032 material but I can make them in .040 and .050 thick, on request. All thicknesses are $8.95.

Will make hinges much easier to lay out being at same height as the pans on most chassis. Weighs in about 6 grams, as pictured.

It is 1 5/8" wide so may be a termination piece for a IRRA F1 chassis too? Couple this with a 1" motor bracket and then fill in the tween with your ideas.

Thanks for looking..............


12-14-2010, 11:03 AM

Very nice peice there!

.032, .040 and .050? I like that even better.

Now, are you using that same high quality brass on the rest of your chassis parts? I've never seen brass as hard as the stuff you use and it just finishes up so nice!

Very high quality stuff you provide. I'm glad that there are more economical and high quality parts being made!