View Full Version : September 24th, 2011 - The Viper Pit in Thomasville, Georgia - GRRR Retro Racing 'At the Pit'!

08-25-2011, 10:58 AM
Now that the Florida summer is starting to wind down, it's time to return to The Viper Pit in Thomasville, Georgia, for some outstanding Retro racing action.

The Viper Pit is where GRRR held its inaugural race in January of 2010. Since this is a 'tweener' location for all the Retro racers in the southeast, we have a unique schedule that seems to work well for this facility. We know most folks travel to Thomasville from Florida, Georgia, and points west on I-10. It takes several hours for these folks to get there, so rather then have everyone leave their homes at "O Dark Thirty"; we're going to use this schedule once again.

Aaron Scott usually opens The Viper Pit up around noon on the Friday before any GRRR races. I try and get there around that time to prep the tracks. If you arrive around 1 PM (or around noon to lend a hand in running the track in) you should be ready to start your practice and tuning. So come prepared to have a lot of fun on Friday, September 23rd, 2011.

On Saturday, September 24, The Viper Pit will open at 9 AM with the Flexi GT class being the first race at 11 AM. This race will be held on the orange track. The track lap time record of 3.421 secs is currently held by Jay Guard. I know Ralph Thorne is coming to see if he can knock Jay’s name off of that record.

Aaron Scott normally provides a lunch for everyone. He calls in the “Pizza Guy” and there magically appear lots of pizza and he always has cold drinks on hand, so we don’t need to leave the facility for lunch.

Once the quick break to grab a bite or twelve of food has completed, we will race Can-Am on the King. Currently Ralph Thorne holds the lap time record on the King at 4.907 secs. I’m sure there will be a lot of folks working towards putting their name in place of Ralph’s.

Since our last race there, The Viper Pit had been struck by lightning. The power supplies on the King are brand new. There was an AMSRA race on the King with eight cars running up to Group 12 motors and everyone was very happy with the power available. I’m really looking forward to this race.

When the Can-Am race is complete, there will be a Formula 1 race on the Engleman. In my opinion, there is not a better track for running the Formula 1 race on. Fast, smooth, and lots of fun! I know the last race there was outstanding. Hopefully this will once again commence around 4 or 5 PM. BTW – Ralph Thorne also owns the lap time record for Formula 1 on the Engleman at 5.128 secs.

GRRR always recognizes the podium winners in all the races run. We have box plaques for A, B, and C Mains. Remember, we also run 'move up racing' so if you don't qualify well, you can still 'race your way' into the A Main and race against some of the top Retro racers in the southeast.

The Jameson Inn in Thomasville is offering rooms at $55 a night for the racers.

One simply has to call (229) 227-9500 (sorry, this is a local arrangement, no Orbitz, Travelocity here) and mention "The Viper Pit" in order to receive the discount.

Here is the address of the Jameson Inn of Thomasville:

1670 Remington Avenue
Thomasville, GA 31792-4839

Just call them directly to make your reservations.

When you make your reservations – please do so early – you MUST mention “The Viper Pit” to get the special price. I called the Jameson Inn late last week to make sure this offer is still open and it is. They are trying to arrange for ‘overflow’ reservations at The Quality Inn, which is about a block and a half away from The Jameson. I have stayed there before and it is quite adequate.

The $55 per night rate also includes a hot continental breakfast. They have some great Belgian waffles available as well as coffee, tea, juices, hot and cold cereals, and a good selection of donuts, muffins, and bagels.

Since "Da Sano" is coming up about two weeks after this race, you should have a great chance of tuning both you and your cars for that race in Thomasville on the 24th of September at The Viper Pit.

Right now our winner of the farthest distance award is George Kimber. George has raced with GRRR at a race at The Race Place in Holly Hill. George contacted me a few months ago as he is coming to Florida once again “on holiday”. When George found out about this race, he immediately made arrangements to come up and race with us. If you are not aware of this, George Kimber is the current UK Retro Champ.

Ken Stevens, AKA "Milkman", is making a trek in from the Dallas, Texas, area. Ken raced with us at the last GRRR event at Thomasville. I'm looking forward to racing with him once again.

I have also heard from a few other notable racers that are presently contemplating a trip to race with us at The Viper Pit. Hopefully when they decide to come and race with us, they will post their intentions here so we can make sure the program flows nicely.

We're looking forward to seeing all of you there!