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Pages 1-9 January 2011 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today)

Introductory remarks and welcome by several OWH members.
Numarc makes me concentrically ground sharp points on the ends of a 2mm axle to use in a magnetic balancer.
Answers to Pilmat’s question about Bulldog chassis set up, rail sizes, rear steer, etc
Introductory remarks about Proformance Racing, Inc. HOGGER diamond wheel for tire truing.
DYKEM for preventing rust on steel chassis
The NORCAL January race at Slot Car Raceway with 100 entries
Richard Mack 1/24 scale F1/JRL chassis
Koford products for unshunted motors M609 & M608 and Cahoza #255 springs
Slick 7’s “Hybrid GT12” chassis RTR race cars
Preparations for the race at TNT Raceway in Modesto, California
Third Eye Technologies FETroller as used at the Modesto race
Info on the Hakko 936 with the medium-sized 907 handle. A kit to convert the handle from medium to large tips.
A number of questions from Dystyn Wade regarding arm size, airgap and gearing. Some great answers from Andy at AB Slotsport. SCR Q&A on post #98, page 7
Q&A on Hawk motor specs
Cahoza carbon fibre hubs, much discussion
Pictorial tutorial on adjusting the Horky ES24 pan height page 8 post #110
Received Camen single mag 480T X 300L set up

Pages 10-16 February 2011 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=260571#post260571)

Building motors with Cahoza parts (yawn)
Difalco controller talk, Bugenis toroid choke for F1 racing
Pat’s prep for the UK32 qualifications
Working on a Tazer prototype, much interest in Tazer thru February
Complaint about 70 degree heat in the Bay Area, 24 temp records broken in one day
Cahoza 42T 16 deg spurs and various pinions, how they mesh
Motor/gearing experiments, Cahoza set ups at .530” and 8T pinion
Eurosport arms, lifting stack corners
Race report from SCR 2/14/11, Eurosport & GT12
Preparation for NORCAL race at TNT Raceway…gluing donuts and HOGGER
New Horky ES24 build, 3.1s at SCR
Tire building Q&A with Zippity
The passing of Rob McQuiston
16D info from Monty Ohren

Pages 17-27 March 2011 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=262935#post262935)

NORCAL race prep (Modesto) followed by Nats race prep (Chicago).
Static balancing wheels.
Testing results of Cahoza hubs (carbon fiber)
The Great Fever of March 2011….cancel a concert, cancel NORCAL at Modesto
Mic’s motor builds.
More questions about the Modesto hillclimb
Link posted to NORCAL website
Washing magnesium hubs in warm water? Zippity is scratching his head on that one….
Cleaning tip with Pledge by Berteinstein
How to choose a hub size based on rear axle height…some Speedshop philosophy on this topic
Putting a Valiko arm ground to .470” into a Gulliver set up with .480” airgap
Experiment with .350” hubs on eurosport
Discussion of motors for ES32
Mic’s work with the Tazer chassis….how to turn a Tazer into a Stinger
USRA rules for replacing broken parts on GT12 chassis, and source to purchase said parts
Lots of Nats preparation…painting bodies, trying different cobalt motor combos
Dental loupes and slotcar racing eyewear
Lee posts that plenty of Valiko arms are on the way for the Nats
Mounting “Piero Spec” Camen F1 motor in the Horky chassis…Vitula hypoid crown gears….not Italian, they are Czech!
Pinion gears….EDM versus standard made by hobber…80 pitch…cheap ones as good as EDM?
Mic’s work with a soldered pin at the rear of the Tazer….a temporary lock up of the rear steer
Discussion of Swanson’s large arms

Pages 28-35 April 2011 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=260571#post260571)

Aligning pinion gear on F1 eurosport
Idea about mounting a Falcon motor on a comm lathe to make a shaft grinding attachment….but no photos : (
Gary Johnson leaves for the Nats in Chicago a week early….tips on how to learn “The Monster” at Mid America.
More about small arms versus big arms in GT12 motors.
Pat sending a free copy of Slot Car Racing News to Zippity
Post Nats thoughts and results.
Coring donuts with the RGEO donut cutter (photo on p 29)
Post mortem of ES32 motor….expanding stacks rubbed the magnets turning it into a Falcon 5
The Battle of The Titans 2011….Lee and Dan “discuss” eurosport armatures
Post #455 really good info on stack laminations by Dan Miller
Start of the building of the Mack 1/24 JRL/Indycar chassis with photos
Introducing Ingram…..no, not Chuck Ingram of tire making fame….Alan Ingram of Seattle
Super Wasp vs Contender in JRL/Indycars
Applying super glue to JRL front tires for less rolling resistance with GearBear’s lathe video
Pat puts in a plug for the latest Slot Car Racing News (UK)
Work update from Mic prepping for the ISRA series race

Pages 36-45 May 2011 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=260571#post260571)

Rocky’s trip to Corona, CA
Pit shelf project started with Whitey’s Slotcar Boxes.
Mic’s NE ISRA race report….Andrew has the UK Black, looking for space
Speedshop Spec modifications/tuning for Horky 1/24 Eurosport chassis
Slotcar Racer’s introduction to the X25 chassis with comments by Jerry123, Jeff and Mic followed by a lot of discussion including Gawronski’s use of the chassis.
Introductory photos and discussion of Red Fox Starfighter body
Staying home for Mothers Day….always a good decision
Preparation for Seattle Slug Fest
Lee wondering why I have so much trouble with 80 pitch pinions….me too…and more on how to install a pinion on a eurosport motor
Spoiler height for the Outisight Bent Lee
GearBear gets an EMCO Compact 5 lathe
Dave Harvey contact information, good source for Horky pinions, always in stock
Good build tips from Mic on JRL motors, big, big diameter arms!
Results of a race at Slot Car Raceway: Falcon LMP, GT12 and Eurosport
Preliminary prep for the July race in Philadelphia…Group 10 and JRL
Starfighter….the long and short of it
Jeff also prepping early for the Philadelphia race
Some thoughts on Open 12 versus GT12 chassis
Greg N discusses upgrades to his Difalco controller and his interest in the HNR versus Mack Indycar chassis.
Jim Radford confirms routing from SEATAC to PSCR for the Slugfest
Sports psychology
Mic builds a Mack JRL chassis with photos
Trip to Seattle for Slugfest. 2nd place behind GearBear in GT12, Won Eurosport
Super race report from GearBear (as usual)

Pages 46-56 June 2011 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=269753#post269753)

Rocky’s painted bodies ready for Philadelphia
Drawings and photographs of the Super 8 track with much discussion
Tuning tips for X25 chassis
Gearing ideas for Super 8 from Hermanator
Test results for Hermanator’s ES32 Castricone
The advent of the term “ablation” with accompanying drawings and diagrams
Modifications to the front end of the older Horky ES32 to get it to ride lower, shimming the guide tongue thereby raising it.
Some reflections on the Horky “Finland” E24 chassis, the 2010 Masters
Reports from ISRA NE racers that the Super 8 is beautifully reconditioned
Thoughts from Berteinstein on reducing brakes on motors, needed for the Carson City track
Continued and much elaborated discussion of the term “ablation”
Lee offers his insights on tuning the Horky ES32 chassis
The PMP GT12 chassis
SR Dinner menu: Belhaven Scottish Ale and Harris Ranch barbequed ribs with XXL artichoke
Monty seconds the motion….big thumbs up for Harris Ranch
More preparation for Philadelphia…Mack Open 12 current favorite chassis
Numerous posts by Dustyn Wade explaining the PMP chassis with tips, etc
Discussion of noodles with Zippity
Jerry123 shares information on the best Open 12 chassis…..they are GT12s!
Long dissertation on Group 12 flat track racing…SR, Jerry123, GearBear
Pat posts photo of new BSP Open 12
X25 pans…preparing Group 10 for Phillie putting way too much into it…GearBear’s favorite combos for JK chassis
Greg N posts report on the refurbished Super 8 track and the Mosetti Nano Motor
Whitey’s Slotcar Box traveling shelf unit, breaks down easily for packing
Discussion of flexi chassis rules, interchangeability of JK pans, mixing and matching
Finished the JK Products 1/32 F1 Falcon car
Lengthy discussion of Philadelphia cheesesteaks…where to go, what to order, Pat’s and Gino’s, cheese whiz or real cheese, etc etc etc

Pages 57-69 July 2011 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=271974#post271974)

Berteinstein spies the new Castricone 1/24 ES chassis on Slotcar Racer’s workbench
Testing for the Philadelphia race is hot and heavy
Comments from Patrick in the UK about “colour coordination”
Jerry 123 posts the fast lap times for the Super 8
Explanation of differences between GT12 and Open 12
Axle size for 1/24 ES: 2mm versus 3/32”, the pros and cons
Discussion of wearing eyeglasses while racing slotcars…peripheral swim/distortion
Fabrication of new “T” part for front of Horky ES32 chassis
Much discussion of the new Mack ES32 chassis with discussion from The Master himself, Richard Mack
A link to a “Sub Forum”
The ISRA Nats in Philadelphia with race results
Some commentary on how to hook up a controller correctly
Report from Lee on the 2011 Flat Track Worlds in Seattle
And followed by more commentary on the same event by GearBear
With further additions and comments by Ingram…..
Preparation starting for Unca Frank’s Birthday Race
Some discussion on silver solder, and Monty notices his zapper in a photo
Richard Mack’s underneath soldering technique
Testing the Castricone eurosport chassis…different body positions
Winglets on the rear of scale bodies and general info on bulletproofing
Precut body armor on the PSCR website link
Berteinstein thinks he should pay Lee a royalty for the winglet design
Testing of the two piece X25 versus three piece with C11 .025” pans

Pages 70-79 August 2011 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=273773#post273773)

Discussion of Bulldog 3 .019" front wire tying together the pans.
Testing the Castricone chassis with a few different motors.
Berteinstein asks how to set up front wheels on 1/32 F1
Photos of "PRECOKA" (Apricot), Piero Castricone's club track.
Made adjustments to rear steer on Protodog 3
Rounding off edges of chassis for improved ablation.
Experiments with Pro Slot FX can, weight comparisons.
Discussions on the use of an oven to bake in magnets with Skinners Epoxy.
Serious testing for the upcoming NORCAL series, flexi testing, Bulldog testing.
Purchase of the Macbook Air and ongoing computer struggles.
Discussion between Ingram and Berteinstein of motor builders, Frank vs Dub.
Testing the ATOM armatures for the first time.
New NORCAL rules published by Bluey.
Mic posts some preparation for the Bash at the Beach on the RED LIGHTNING.
Mic also posts some comments on the Proformance bearing alignment tools.
Notes on the Starfighter body....the long and short of it....
Greg N discusses X25 chassis for the upcoming Brazil Worlds.
Frank's Birthday Bash race report, fun and games with Gawronski as usual.
Jerry 123 offers his services for crash testing
Lee Gilbert and Slapshot compare and contrast the Castricone and Horky chassis.
Berteinstein does a post race tear down of his eurosport and discovers something.
Photo montage of the Bulldog 3 kit, how to take the pieces apart.
Received the Budgy controller....copy of Pro 2 Czech controller.
Discussion of new front upstops on the Bulldog 3 and how much more durable.
Berteinstein factual listing of Bulldog 3 findings.
Photo montage of the Budgy Controller.
Comparisons of Speedshop, FET, Carsteen, Budgy controller...GearBear, Mazur50 & others.

Coming soon (to be posted below):

2012 Index!

Note: All indexing done courtesy of Slotcar Racer (I'm just posting as the web geek).

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Pages 80-89 September 2011 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=276259#post276259)

Fantastic controller testing information by Steen of the Carsteen controllers.
Full instructions for building the Bulldog 3 as published by Richard Mack.
Remembrances of the Super 8 after the great flood of Rotterdam Jct, NY.
Preparation of LMP and GT12 for the upcoming NORCAL series first race.
Working on the Castricone ES32 chassis and new Camen "Fat Boy" motor.
Test results from SCR for all NORCAL cars and the Pro 2 copy controller.
Building the new Mack 1/32 F1 Eurosport. Good photos from Pat Skene.
Explanation of the NORCAL race format.
Almost live race comments from the first NORCAL race at SCR.
Weird problem with the LMP motor, discovered a booger thing on the comm.
GearBear reports on the first ES32 race at Pacific Slot Car Raceways.
Post NORCAL race report....not a positive viewpoint!
Several posts about different racing formats following NORCAL race.
Discussion of racing ettiquette, passing, etc.
Comments about Richard Mack's 1/32 F1 endbell design.
Discussion of various pan combos for the X25 and C11 chassis.
Comments on ES32, Mack vs Castricone vs Horky....post race at SCR.
Using 1.5mm hole 7 tooth 72 pitch pinions on C Can motors.
Good photos of the "MTT" at Rocklin compared to Buena Park's track.
How to grind a shaft to 1.5mm per Monty.
Photos of the newly built Mack 1/32 F1 Eurosport.
Photos from the Hermanator Tire Plant in Fairfield, CA. and tire machines.
Test session from Rocklin on the "MTT"
Monty and Tony Griffin add more information about tire making equipment
Warnings from Mazur about cooking food in the epoxy oven. Mmmmmm, epoxy
Mazur thinks there is a Chinaman and chicken story.
Monty and Tony share thoughts on how to build a tire machine.
Warnings of hot sauna-like conditions inside the Rocklin raceway.
Lowering the Starfighter body for better cg.
Proformance as a good source for ball bearings.
Comparisons between high downforce bodies, Bent Lee, Starfighter, HD Caddy

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Pages 90-97 October 2011 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=278013#post278013)

Report on the neighbor wife's birthday fiesta.
Aftermath of Rocklin NORCAL race. Possible NORCAL changes before the Nats.
Post race photos of the LMP and GT12 cars that won both races.
Bulletproofing outer pans to prevent body from collapsing
Work on the Mack 1/24 Eurosport
Thoughts on 16D motor building
More work on the Mack 1/32 F1 Eurosport
Applying armature dye to steel chassis to mitigate rust
Got arms back from Camen reconditioning, finished Mack F1 chassis.
Comments from Berteinstein about the Cahoza Production set ups...easy build
Waiting for wife to finish aerobics so we can drive to Seattle
Question & answers: difference between Box 12 motors and scale racing G12 motors
Photos and progress reports from the workbench on Vashon Island, WA
Photo from the Happy Dragon restaurant and progress photo on Bulldog 3s
Comments on cinnamon rolls at Holiday Inn Express
Information on rail sizes for the Mack chassis.
Berteinsteins' Bulldog 3 set up information
Reconfiguring the Mack F1 chassis to accept the Piero Spec motor.
Building the Mack 1/32 Saloon Chassis and the 1/32 Falcon F1 chassis.
Ingram's report on the Pt Defiance Zoo and visit to PSCR
More on Bulldog 3 set up from Mike K, the "Casey Set Up"
Berteinstein discusses honing size discrepancies....bent hone shaft?
abslotsport gives instructions on switching out the shaft on a hone
Mack 1/32 F1 all built, body mounted, ready for testing!
How to mount the motor when using the Vitula hypoid crown gear
Greg N discusses F1 gear problems, possible source of problem the pinion
Eurosport preparation for a Nats warm up at Slot Car Raceway....which didn't happen
A bunch of photos from the Brazil Worlds
Comments from Slapshot on his Eurosport program
Mom inserts more comments noting that Slotcar Racer and Slapshot are drinking Koolaid
A blast from the past....race results from 2006 Flat Track Worlds 1/32 Eurosport
Mentalkase notes that the thread is about to top 100 pages!
Testing a Hooperdog 3 at the Korkscrew in Modesto, pizza with Hermanator
Perhaps the Hooperdog 3 needs a soft motor
Test results of a 6T versus 7T pinion on 1/32 F1 eurosport
Photos of fully weighted Bulldog 3 and a Hooperdog 3

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Pages 98-110 November 2011 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=280068#post280068)

More discussion of rail size for the Bulldog 3
And even more discussion of the USRA body list for the 2012 Scale Nats
GT12 bodies, the BMW body of choice in Seattle, Peugeot in Chicago.
Berteinstein points out all the LMP "wings" should now be the same.
Dub likes a lot of spoiler behind the rear axle, push back as far as possible.
Photo of parking lot full of donut cuttings.
Postings on where to purchase all the USRA LMP bodies.
Almost live report from TNT Raceway, Modesto for the NORCAL race
Photo and specs for GTP motor for the Nats
Photo posted of (blown) fuse for the Budgie Czech controller
Suggestion for GTP motors from Steve Forsyth
Zippity suggests the "Magnetic Sweet Spot"
S16C arms versus Contenders and Wasps
Converting the former Camen 18 mag to a single mag set up
Painting all the USRA LMP bodies on a cold night in the garage
Starting to experiment with less bullet proofing for more body flex
Full set of photos of all the USRA LMP bodies mounted on a GT12
Results of body testing with Paul Gawronski helping out
Lee posts some testing results for the LMP bodies on GT12
Backintheslot points out that Amateur GT12 will use high downforce bodies
Comments on how our 1/24 ES program seems to be getting nowhere
Allan from NZ points out the Bulldog 3 pans get pulled back by motor magnets
Driving to Fresno for first practice on the new Anaconda West flat track with photos
Discussion of pricing for all days passes (based on Hobbytown's rate)
Tamiya Polycarbonate paint is back after an absence for CA reformulation
Meal review on the Redwood Cafe in Cotati, CA.
Thanksgiving reports
Photos of the lighter bulletproofing procedures
Photos of animals sleeping after Thanksgiving treats
More comments on the X25/C11 combination of parts
Testing results of "going back to the future" with older eurosport set ups
Phil Matthews returns to OWH with some great ways to test bodies
More tech info on the USRA LMP bodies

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Pages 111-121 December 2011 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=281960#post281960)

Pilmat discusses comparison of Cheetah 11 chassis to Champion Turboflex
Should body winglets be illegal?
Bugboy displays contents of his box, some good looking cars…prep for Fresno race
Kuni writes that if he dies before his wife, she will dispose of his slot stuff
Berteinstein reminds us to be good to our wives followed by other comments of being married
Trip to Fresno for NORCAL in December, stayed at Crosslands on Shaw Ave
NORCAL race, 103 entries. Mixed results, bad LMP, won GT12
Using a floating pin tube on the X25/C11 chassis combo…limiting the movement
Preparation for eurosport race at SCR…dealing with axle bearing failures
Rebuild the Mack Eurosport using some parts from the Mack Open 12 chassis.
Discussion of the difference between 3/32” axles and 2mm axles for eurosport
How to do a fast tire change in a eurosport race
Disassembling a Castricone 1/24 ES chassis….how to do it and how NOT to do it
The great struggle of computers and watching the Piero tutorial
Does wifi cause cancer?
The eurosport race at SCR…Gawronski runs a 74-1/2 armature!
Berteinstein busy gluing donuts and a glimpse of his impeccable workshop
Disassembling a 1/24 Horky Open 12 chassis, and putting it back together
Some methods of removing extra solder from parts
How to forget bringing things to the track, like a controller
How to remember to bring things to the track including the controller
Wallbasher “check list”
Pilmat asks for driving difference between Castricone and Horky eurosports
1/32 scale Dodge Charger body with further discussion of the real car
Mic gets a Richard Mack built Bulldog 3 chassis…beautiful craftsmanship
Grandson brings parents to the Bay Area to visit his grandparents
Got the Super 16C arm back from Camen, great balance!
GearBear says he uses a 44T spur to jig the axle on his GT12 chassis
Christmas greetings, and soldering 2mm axle bearings into the Castricone chassis
Discussion of the X25 center section….C11 pans, .025” versus .030” pans
A report from Fresno, lots of racing going on during the holidays
Berteinstein comes down to SCR for GTP racing on the Testarossa
Why don’t they make a 16 degree angled 40 and 41 tooth spur???
New Years Eve thanks to all the Slotcar Racer Today contributors

Slotcar Racer
06-21-2012, 09:44 AM
Pages 121-139 January 2012 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=281960#post281960)

New Years report from Slot Car Raceway, pretesting for Scale Nats
Taping pans on 1/32 ES chassis.
La Cucharacha heading to Ohio for two weekends of racing.
Requests for a Slotcar Racer Today Index.
Review of FET testing from 2/1/2011, and purchase of a FETroller
Tuning and maintenance suggestions by Mazur50 for the FET
Progress report from Mic...building Mack Bulldog 3 chassis...solder from bottom
Mom gets back from an overseas journey...sick....but still working
More on maintenance of the Bulldog 3 chassis
Flyin Brian also building a Mack Bulldog 3...will have CODGER check it over
Gluing up first batch of the dreaded bad fish rubber and ensuing bad experiences
Discussion of tire wear according to track conditions
Discussion of how to "treat" tires chemically
Link to Amazon for Slotcar Racer's favorite silver solder...good deal
Pilmat discussion of chassis movement and the effects on handling
Rebuilt some LMP motors with ATOM armatures...to be tested.
Discussion of set ups for the ATOM arms...Koford 450L magnets
Where to get good donuts during the Great Rubber Shortage of 2012
Hemi winding: what is it? Some explanation by Bill Bugenis
Jeff's shameless plug for ATOM armatures
Airgaps for C Can motors and some different magnets, how they work
GearBear discusses different Cahoza cans and their characteristics
Results of preliminary GT12 motor testing with the USRA low downforce bodies
Mazur50 converts his hardware to the Pro Slot copper, gets rid of aluminum stuff
Mic tests his new Bulldog 3
La Cucharacha snowed in with the dog
Frank adds another power supply to the Testarossa.
Testing at SCR with Hermanator and Gawronski
Flyin Brian asks questions about Group 12 mini motors
Mom posts a photo of Slotcar Racer's fine Dremel work on a mini motor
Fast Freddie starts an interesting discussion of "push start" motors: troubleshooting
Mic asks questions about the Mack 1/32 F1 Eurosport chassis and comparison with Horky
Pilmat: "side bite versus forward bite"...on a slotcar...please refer to Hermanator
Mom discusses tire lotions and potions
Proformance gets a batch of good rubber...turns out to be REALLY GOOD rubber
GearBear posts a good diagram from Slick 7 on why brushes short out on comm
Race report from SR from the Scale Nats warm up race at SCR
Flyin Brian asks how to get consistency in body mounting
More discussion of Cahoza production endbell hardware...sticking brushes
Mic needs a photo of the Mack Saloon chassis AKA 1/32 C Can Eurosport
Flyin Brian wins first GT12 race, but asks for advice on driving in traffic
Mom shares some observations of how to pass
Sam pan introduction to SRT: questions on tire grip
Bill Bugenis suggests a wire choke with ensuing discussions of the toroid choke
Photos of the 2012 ISRA Worlds track in Sweden with discussion by Steen from Denmark

Slotcar Racer
06-21-2012, 09:49 AM
Pages 139-150 February 2012 (http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/showthread.php?30196-Slot-Car-Racer-Today&p=281960#post281960)

Cutting front of Audi R10 body leaving the diaplane on (NORCAL)
Fast Track Hobbies, Rocklin, Calif., new lighting
Fast Freddie, more on the push start arms...set up incompatibility
Mike K with questions about airgaps, muffins, cream, cup, etc
Flyin Brian says Hobbytown is outlawing the Hawk 7
Pilmat goes over pricing of mini motors vs C Can motors
GearBear says the Starfighter locks up the pans on his chassis (?)
Discussion of high downforce GTP bodies
Topkat clarifies how USRA chooses bodies each year
Pilmat likes the Parma Storm
2/4/12 almost live reporting from Rocklin for NORCAL racing
Final wrap up of NORCAL race
Review of NORCAL race problems, soldering motors into the JK chassis
SR receives the toroid choke...hook up to the white, or the black wire?
Mazur50 says using black for the choke also chokes the brakes
Berteinstein says his FETroller has all the toggles flipped up...better
Definition of a "Track Card" for those who are unfamiliar with this concept
Mazur50 and Slapshot exchange a lot of fancy electronic information
Mic posts photos of his finished Mack 1/32 C Can Eurosport chassis
Regluing Cahoza set ups....the production epoxy is not durable to heat
Pat Skene posts a photo of James Cleave's 1/32 Saloon car
Discussion of the old Pro Slot can....no longer available
First tire testing with the new (good stuff) Proformance donuts
2/13/12 the day the GT12 ran 3.4s. New rubber is fantastic. So it toroid choke
Discussion of motor brush tension and tools to check with
Tom Hansen advocates for volt meters on controllers
Wade weighs in with advice on brush tension....or is it pressure?
Photo from Hermanator of the Mack 1/32 ES chassis
Jeff714 just out of surgery, back to the track and testing cars
Testing at SCR on the day the Bay Bridge was closed...long time driving there!
Mic reports 14 F1 Eurosports at their last race...wow!
New tire cutting method...use the R-GEO needle plus the HOGGER
Hermanator heads up to Boise for the race at Wade Raceway...and updates
Flyin Brian posts about the FLAT TRACK FEVER race in Fresno followed by results
Meeting with Peter Lentros, owner of the Purple Mile...out for an HO race
Lot's of testing of 1/32 ES motors and different chassis on the Testarossa
Reassembled the 1/32 F1 motors finally, straightened out Protodog 3