View Full Version : 2012-2013 Winter Series Schedule

03-21-2012, 08:05 AM
The schedule for the next Winter Series is set. Note the changes that will also be made on how we run each event.

Event format changes:

1. Tech will start at 9:30 at all races.

2. Practice will be limited to the class that is being raced first.

3. There will always be a 1 hour break in between classes for practice for the second class.

4. All Tier one races (Can-Am and F1) will be as we have run them meaning 6 sit outs assigned to each main based on qualifying with last being the most and then 2 move-ups from each.

5. For all Tier 2 classes, we will qualify and seed mains evenly then total laps over all will determine the winners. Example: If we have 24 racers then 3 mains of 8 each seeded by qualifying and finishing order determined by total laps at the end of all races. If 30 racers then 3 10 racer mains. This will save time and money as we won't have the need to change tires, FK motors on move-ups, etc. We will continue to issue Box Plaques to the Main Winners and of course 1st through 3rd for the overall lap total winners in these classes.

6. Jail Door Races are for kicks and I will reserve the right to cancel them based on the day's activity. What that means is if we have a lot of entries for the main classes then we might cancel the JD races.