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Bill from NH
07-02-2002, 11:03 AM
Paul, you were planning to take both Flexi 1s & 3s with you to Seattle. How did you find they worked on the flat track? Which one did you end up running? Thanks. It appears you had a good time as well as did your usual great driving job.

Paul Ciccarello
07-02-2002, 06:09 PM
Well the flexi 3 was good but too heavy ao the lap times were not very fast and the F-3 with the hole in the pan really did not work as well.

The flexi 1 took some work but by the Gp-12 race I got it working good enough to be a top 5 contender but I kept stripping gears. I did not have the strap motor cut enough in the back and had too much of an angle on it. I stripped all brands not just Parma's so I know it was not that.

I was able to qualify in to the A mains in group 10 and Gp-12 with the Flexi 1. In the group 10 race The car was too tight an was tippy. It was fast but I had a hard time keeping it on and fell off about 30 times. I used the same car in group 12 but changed to big hub tires and put weight in the rear of the pans and it was loads better.

I ran it with the light pan moved back with no washer or tape. I also used the hot wing soldered to the chassis with the ears bent down and took off the front wheels. The ears just touched the track, maybe .005 clearance. It was quite an experience to get the car to work on the flat track. I think that for the faster banked tracks the normal setup with fronts and no hot wing will still be better. I will start with the same setup I ran this year for the next time I run on a flat track and should get better the more I work with it. I came a long way from when I first got there to the race. After I learned the track then I started testing and tuning, I went from 3.8 Thursday night to 3.4 in group 10 qualifying with the setup I mentioned. The fastest guys were running 3.3.

If you guys have any questions just let me know.


07-02-2002, 06:44 PM
How come on a flat track the hotwing with no fronts worked better than the normal "wheels barely touching" setup we normally use on Flexi-1"s? I've been experimenting with getting the fronts up out of the way and slamming the front of the chassis down on the track and it seems to loosen the car up quite a bit when compared to having the fronts touching. Is this what you found?

Paul Ciccarello
07-03-2002, 05:33 AM
I think that the chassis being on the track on a banked track slows the car down and makes it inconsistent. I was messing around with it at Parma before I went there and the chassis dragging was not as good. Having the hot wing loosened the car up and made it easier to drive. It is not needed on a banked track.