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07-02-2002, 08:09 PM
Congratulation on a superlative performance at the recently concluded AFTW meet. For someone who is unfamiliar with the track, it shows just how good a driver you are.

Are you competing at the ISRA World Championship in San Francisco?


07-02-2002, 10:53 PM
The race results don't really show just how good a driver Paul C. is. It's one thing to be good on your home track, but it takes a real driver to adapt driving and cars to compete when you travel to a new track - and the "Canadian White" track at SHS is unlike any other track anywhere, so it is that much tougher.

Paul had to do a lot of trial and error tuning, rebuilding, and adjusting, after learning to drive the challenging track, just to get his cars to handle, plus adapting to take advantage of the more liberal PNW IMCA rules to be competative. For the Parma Flexi chassis, this had never been done before on this track, so he had to start from square one.

Paul immediately erased any doubts that he could learn to drive the track when he TQ'd and set a new track record in the Pro LMP class, which is our version of the NorCal VMRA Iso-Pro brass & wire cars with Contender arms in them. Paul racn a Speedshop prepared "rent-a-ride" loaner from Lee Gilbert, and he finished a strong 2nd, close behind local favorite Ross DeLong.

In the Group 10 race, Paul had his work cut out for him, as his car hadn't competed in race conditions yet. He qualified 7th - only .1 below TQ, but had tilting and bite problems in the race. Using the same car with a strap 12 motor in the Flexi 12 race, Paul did much better, and was very competative, but as he explained, his bigger motor angle resulted in several gear changes. Everyone had to laugh (including Paul) when on his 4th trip to the pits, a new gear was brought via pitside delivery (you'd have to have been there...). He's a great sport as well as a great competitor.

1/32 Euosport again showed how well Paul adapted to the track, as he placed 2nd - only 2 laps behind Matt Zenovitch, who won this class for his 4th straight year.

The GT-12 race was extremely competative with 32 entries. The final results couldn't get much closer, as the top 3 podium finishers were from 3 different mains - and finished within a lap of each other! Paul finished 2nd in the A main and 4th overall - less the 2 laps behind the winner, and only 1 lap behind 2nd! This was after having to stop and do a tire change (the fastest tire change I've ever seen, but if he hadn't needed a tire change - it may have been a whole 'nuther story).

In 1/24 Eurosport, again Paul was just as fast as anyone when everything was working, but various problems cropped up where he struggled with the car.

We were all very pleased that Paul could make it to our race, and that he was willing to go against a tough home track advantage, facing a real challenge on an unfamiliar track, while doing so. That alone takes a lot of class, and a lot of "risk" on his part.

I consider Paul C. one of, if not THE best all around driver in slot racing. He is one of the few to be at the top level in both wing and non-wing racing. Besides his driving skills, his hard work ethic, knowledge, and positive attitude make it a pleasure to race with him.

All of us in the Pacific Northwest, and all who travel to race with us each year, look forward to racing with Paul again next year. I would also urge all of the west coast racers to try to make it to Paul's big shindig next year, the Parma Challenge Cup Nats, as Paul C. and the Parma staff put on one heck of a great race there every year as well, and it would be great to get more west coast racers to participate in that event as well.

Thanks for coming to our little party Paul C. - it was a pleasure racing with ya!