View Full Version : Foreign Competitors at the AFTW

07-03-2002, 04:35 AM
Are foreign participants welcome to compete at the AFTW meet? I guess this is one way for us to improve our skills by competing at very much higher level of competition.

When you compete with the same bunch over and over, you tend to stagnate and not elevate skill wise. So if we race with the best, we can gauge exactly our capabilities and maybe learn from the pros not only on how to be a better driver but also how to set-up a good handling car. I guess when it comes to setting-up and having the latest and the best equipment, this is where we are at a disadvantage. We are still not on that level that we know exactly what should be done to make a car handle better on short notice. That is why I am very grateful to the OHW for the good advices I get from the moderators and fellow racers who are more knowledgeable than myself and the rest of us here.

On the problem of having a competitive car to race at the AFTW, one good solution would be to have someone like the well respected Lee Gilbert supply us with the RTRs that we need for the different races. But I guess that is asking too much knowing how many racers he has to take care and supply with quality cars during the meet. But for GT 10 and Grp 12, I would not mind using one of your Flexie 1 set-ups. Parma cars are what got me started in the hobby and I still find them as one or if not the best cars to start slot racing.

Here in our country, we are more attuned to non-wing racing. Our normal weekly race schedule is Grp 10, Grp 12, GT 12 and Boxstock.

Our rules are fairly liberal like IMCA. You can even use a C-1 or euro chassis for GT12. Between a well set-up ASP with the improvements made by Lee Gilbert and a VoKi or Mossetti Euro for c-can motors, the difference in lap times is already negligible. So why waste good money for a Euro when you can have the same performance from a GT 12 chassis. For my own use, I modified an FX bruiser to have forward/backward and up/down movement of the side pans and raised the guide tongue to lower the front end. The result was a fantastic handling car that can keep up with the best.

I guess the main enjoyment of slot racers is working and tinkering with their cars to make it the fastest and best handling against the rest. There is a lot of pride and joy when you succeed in setting-up your car that win races for you.

Lastly, the most important for me is the friendship and camaraderie that you develope with fellow racers that bonds you together for the common good of our hobby and that is, slot car racing.

Paul Ciccarello
07-03-2002, 05:36 AM
Anyone can compete in the race. I like the points you have made.