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09-25-2021, 04:15 AM
2021 USRA NAT's Schedule

Piranha Speedway & Hobbies
8542 Norwalk Blvd
Whittier, CA 90606
Sept 22-26, 2021

Sept 22 GrpF , OMB tech for GrpF 10am OMB Tech 2hrs after GrpF Finish's Entries Fees GrpF 65$ OMB 35$
Sept 23 HBB 40$ , C12 40$ HBB tech 10am C12 Tech 2hrs after HBB Finish's
Sept 24 27L 50$ Tech at 10:30am
Sept 25 TMO 75$Tech at 10:30am
Sept 26 G7 100$ (Big Dog) Tech 10:30am

HBB, C12 and 27L and TMO are 2 motor classes so bring extra motor with car to Tech
Tires for GrpF , OMB, HBB and C12 are Spec and must be bought at Track
Entry Fees for GrpF will be 65$ and Include 1 USRA SPEC Motor

More info to follow

Links to race coverage, results, & pics:

Piranha Speedway & Hobbies - Facebook
- with Mod Live Coverage (https://www.facebook.com/PiranhaSpeedway)

USRA Slot Car Racing Association (https://www.facebook.com/USRA-Slot-Car-Racing-Association-943246915880804) - Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/USRA-Slot-Car-Racing-Association-943246915880804)

2021 USRA Div 1 Nats Photos - by Al Chuck (aka "Owl Chump") (https://www.facebook.com/ochump)

Mod Live Media - 2021 USRA Nats Coverage on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/MODRC/videos)

I apologize for such a late reposting of the Nats info!
I will start catching up on sharing the results & pics here as I can...
Your OWH "Almost Live" Nats coverage, at least from your remote publisher on the other side of the planet,
have been delayed due to a really bad bout with the flu bug. I haven't been able to even muster the energy too sit up at the computer for the past couple weeks. :(

Your always present on-site reporter "Owl Chump" (aka Al P. Chuck) is on site at the Nats, & busy sharing his great photos on Facebook!

I will be resharing them here as my feverish body allows.

There is also excellent live video coverage of all the racing provided by Mod Live - and shared on Piranha Speedway & Hobbies Facebook Page.

Again my apologies for the late sharing here on OWH Slot Car Talk,
but thankfully the online coverage, videos, photos, and race results posted on Facebook have been awesome!

Feeling so much Older & Weirder.....
Your Old Weird Dude publishing from the remote office in the Philippines...
- Paul Kassens