View Full Version : Post Nats Hysteria

Chris Radisich
08-15-2003, 09:18 PM
I know right now everyone is all hyped up with the Nats still running and finishing on Sunday.

I appeal to everyone visiting this forum to exercise some control over their posts. After the Div 2 Nats we had a number of ugly scenes played out here, please do not repeat this after the Div 1 Nats.

Think carefully before you post, especially if what you say can be misread and be taken as abusing volunteer officials, other racers etc. If you have any scathing comments to make please direct them to me : director@usra.us rather than posting them here for everyone else to jump on.

I would like to see some constructive dialog going on in here about how we can improve the racing and the organisation, but please bear in mind we must walk before we can run.