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08-16-2003, 11:34 PM
OWH Reveals startling developement at the 2003 USRA Div 1 Nats...

Americans Have Secret Weapon!!!


In response to the threat of the Europeans potential domination of this year's USRA Div 1 Nats, the Americans have been hiding a secret weapon.

As a total surprise, former multi-time champion slot racer Jon Laster was pursuaded out of retirement, and was practicing secretly as a surprise entry in the Pro Group 7 race on Sunday.


Joel Montague was rumoured to be launching an all new Camen motor featuring Unobtainium magnets, and Jon was the ideal person to reveal them by winning the Nats.


In a secret practice session, I was able to photograph the computer screen just after Jon had cranked off a 1.6042 second lap!!!


With this shocking developement - the threat of a Mario, Horkey, Korec domination of the Pro Group 7 race is now in question.


Surely, a ringer like Jon Laster has the chance of America once again defending it's domination of wing car racing.

Jon was seen here with PA Watson, Mike Swiss, and young new pro Greg Mills.


Many of the old gang were present, as Jon reunited with Andy Wasserman and Dan Miller of PK (Potential Kinetics) armature fame.


Jon was also seen catching up with old freinds Martin Gramann and Wayne Bramble.


Jon revealed his rekindled interest in slot cars, and demonstrated that he still had the same uncanny reflexes while turn marshelling a race.


Looking quite confident in his return to slot racing, Jon was also seen testing Camen's new glue formula on Gugu's hair.

08-17-2003, 05:32 AM
Great coverage Paul..

I'm enjoying these nats from 12000 miles away...tell Wayne Bramble hello and best of luck if he is racing from Keith in Brisbane Australia..

C'mon aussie c'mon !!!! c'mon......

Best of luck tomorrow to everybody....ENJOY !!!