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07-14-2002, 05:58 PM
You'll have to pardon my ignorance. But, what is a good chassis kit for doing a static conversion. How is the Plafit Excel. It would be for a Gt car. Any input is appreciated.

07-16-2002, 04:48 PM
Or, maybe not.

07-16-2002, 11:38 PM
The Plafit chassis will fit most anything, but are a finicky, sort of confused chassis. Almost a throwback to the 60s. Not to mention expensive. PDL's TSRF chassis may be the hot ticket for model kit conversions. We'll see soon, I hope!


07-17-2002, 02:37 AM
The MoMo SW1 is nearly the same as the Plafit chassis, but has the motor recessed flush with the bottom, making it handle better, and it costs less too. The Plafit anglewinder chassis has not been available in the USA.

The SW1 is now out of production, and out of stock everywhere, but the SW2 (which has a few improvements) is due out by the end of July.

The Momo SW2 will be available in the USA from Professor Motor.

The new TSRF 1/24 chassis will be out this fall, and should be an excellent choice for kit conversions as well, and I believe will cost less then the Momo or Plafit.

07-17-2002, 07:31 AM
I guess " good " is a reletive term. Most of these kits allow you to run a model kit body, but it will be VERY top heavy and requires a different driving skill ( slow ) than usual. You can put a lot of weight on the bottom lowering center of graviy but to be fast then you need a better motor.
Pattosplace.com sells several flat stainless chassis that are my favorite so far. Some are sidewinder so you must use the big
( 40t +) spur gear and tall tires, I use the 1 1/8" parma drag tires,with a large pinion, works great! You also need the post /body mounts he sells.I think he sells an anglewinder but it doesnt leave much room for an interior. The sidewinder can be made into an anglewinder by cutting the bottom of the motor mount and bending it to the desired angle.
Protrack sells a front motor chassis ( ncphobbies.com ) with driveshaft that is already pretty heavy on the bottom, but mine make so much noise it sounds like a fire truck, needs lots of adjustments to get right, but ok. You can use any pinion/scrown gear you want on this one. Some kit bodies have the tirewells molded to the body and will have to be removed or trimmed.
Another possibility is to use the FCR chassis, somewhere (OWH? ) there is a list of bodies to fit these .
My best choice is to use them for bracket drag cars which opens up a lot of other Chassis options plus they dont get torn up. You can see my thread in drag racing on hardbodies about these.

Roy W.

07-28-2002, 04:45 PM
Thanks for replying everyone. Hope I didn't offend anyone by replying until now. It wasn't my intent to be rude. I've been busy at another board and getting a few cars ready for a couple of different races. And, I sort of forgot about my own post here.

Not exactly sure what I'm gonna use yet. But, leaning towards the TRSF chassis. Does anyone have the wheelbase adjustment range? Well, I guess I can work on the body until it's release. It will probably take me that long to finish it. :D

Thanks for the link to NCP Hobbies. I've dealt with them in the past, their site is a great reference. But, I wouldn't buy anything from them again, even if my life depended on it.

07-29-2002, 07:15 AM
I plan on trying PDL's new chassis also, sounds good. With that little motor though, I wonder how it will keep up with the other hardbody cars, most here use 16d or s16d. Probably lean towards the 1/32 cars.
Sorry to here about your bad experience with ncp. I've always had good luck with them along with several friends. No other site is even in the same league. Of course if you work for a competing distibutor? The one time ( with me ) there was a mistake they corrected with shipping at their expense. I just called and talked to JC.
The patto/mjk chassis are worth trying, with them you can use almost any motor.
Good luck!

07-30-2002, 10:14 PM
No, I am not employed by any slot manufacturer. I wish I was though. J.C. just became very "huffy" with me, and my little problem took over a month to remedy. And, it was a poor remedy at that.

Do you, or anyone for that matter, know what motor is going into the TSRF chassis? I'm not real fond of having no choices. Although, that is part of the phlisophy it seems. I could be wrong.

Larry LS
07-30-2002, 11:53 PM
The new Falcon motor, a replacement for the Cheetah will be the motor supplied in the TSRF chassis. In both 1/32nd and 1/24th applications. It should prove motor enough for most anyone with a hard body car. They are stouter and faster than the old Cheetah which made a good motor for those type cars. If running on a home track be prepared for a new driving experience with it, in the car. Compared to what you have been used to LS. ;)

07-31-2002, 09:25 AM
The local raceway is starting an indy car class using the falcon motor in the JK chassis. Mine handles real well and is pretty fast with the much lighter motor in the rear, the s16d motor makes it very tail heavy.
I'm hoping they will try this new chassis when it's released and start a class running them with hardbodies. I'm going to personally buy a couple and show them, just to put a bug in their ear.
Roy W.

07-31-2002, 03:45 PM
Thanks for posting that info Larry. Now I'm excited! And have pretty much made my choice.