View Full Version : DR-30 upgrade

Dan Ruddock
10-23-2004, 12:54 PM
I have a do it yourself upgrade for your DR-30. It changes the circuit location of the brake fuse and this is not a mandatory change. The advantages of this change is if the brake fuse blows you will not lose your sensitivity adjustment also since the controller will now work properly with out the brake fuse you can remove it to turn the brakes off eliminating the need to cut windings on brake pots. All you have to do is locate the black 20ga. jumper wire on the back of the board that connects to the pot and the trigger brake stop and replace it with a wire loop fuse holder. You can reuse the blue brake fuse holder already on your controller. Remove it and soldier splice the two lose wires together and tape them. Then cut two new 8-inch 18ga. wires (lead wire is fine) and strip inches off each end soldier tin them and snap on the blue fuse holder. DO NOT USE A RESETTING BREAKER FUSE. They have high resistance and you will lose brake performance and after they have blown a few times they no longer meet their amperage spec. Now just replace the black jumper with the finished fuse loop and run the wires down and out the bottom of the controller and wire tie it to the bottom of the board. Have fun. Dan Ruddock :cool: