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  1. Hey you fat bastard,

    When are you coming to Poppas to race? I'm ready to hand you your ***! Sundays brother, be there or be square!
  2. YO,SPERM WHALE.........WHAT"S UP....Haven't heard from u in awhile......R U looking to race slots....give me a call 610-823-1752....I like to purchase Mark's oval the price is still a little high......I'm looking to spend 1,000.00.
  3. Hey Buddy,

    Are you out there? I haven't touched my oval cars since Hebe. Sure do hope we get back to racing some time soon. Just checking how you have been.

  4. Sam,
    He told me and John he was looking too close by 3/10/10.I guess he didn't sell the king like he thought he did.It relly disappointments me that he got on here stating he was closing.....NOW IT"S TOO FURTHER NOTICE.After that how many people do u think are going too show up NOW.Since that POST.I'll stand behind Mark on what every he decides.There needs to be a plan on what's going on.Me,I think the business could be saved with some hard work and alot of *** KISSING.....THAT"S YOUR JOB.......YOU HAVE THE LIPS FOR IT..........I hope to talk to u soon.
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