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  1. Mike:
    Glad you all had a good time at the race, since I was not able to attend could I get you send the tire money thru paypal ronfx@wowway.com. Total is $30.00.
    Thanks Ron
  2. Hi Ron, are you going to post about the Ice Breaker?

    I hope we get a decent turnout for it.

    I would like to do the Enduro if we get enough people.
  3. Hi Ron- Could you email me the results from the past 2 races so I can post them on the Facebook Page?
  4. Do you have a Eurosport I could try out next race?
  5. Mike:
    The rules for the ISRA North American race, list that shunt wires and spring insulation are legal
    Thanks Ron
  6. Hi Ron- I want one of those new JRL Chassis when they are available.
    Thanks, have a good summer.
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