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  1. Sure thing.

    Please note: My wife and I are scratching an item off our bucket list by flying to Europe next week. We'll be back, May 22, so hold off a little on sending that control until a little later.

    Shipping is usually about 7 bucks for a controller. But $40 to paypal will cover the job. My paypal email is gr8rcfan@gmail.com
    Do you like your trigger spring pressure light or normal?

    Guy Spaulding
    2909 Firethorn Dr
    High Point, NC 27265
  2. That sounds great.
    I`ll take it with blast relay.

    What`s your address and I`ll send it to you.

  3. I can fix up your Parma Turbo Controller. I'll adjust it with light or heavy spring pressure as you desire. I'll cut the handle for easy maintenance, and zip-tie the wires so they stay put if you ever take it apart. I even have brand new Parma wire. $20, plus postage. Add an additional $15 and I'll install a blast relay!

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