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  1. Hey Greg,

    Not sure how, but I think the extra Hudy wrench you have is mine. I own three of them. When I was packing up on Saturday night, I could not find one of them. Maybe I left it on the tech table after struggling to set the rear width on my Open-12 car. No need to mail it. Just hang on to it, and I'll get it from you at Mike's later this month.

    I meant to tell you that I talked to Mike last Wednesday. A few weeks ago.The city had returned his original drawing for the fire control system with notations of what had to be changed. When I spoke to him, he said he had submitted the revised drawing to the city. He had just gotten word from them that everything was up to code, and that they would be issuing his permit. He said that once he recieves the permit, the fire protection company that is doing the work can have it done in one, or two days. So hopefully he will be able to host the next race.

    Talk to you soon
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