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  1. Hi Jim, Is it a first or second generation unit? I have a good working 1st gen myself as a backup, They test and repair ok. I can deal with them. Normally I limit my surgery to resistor and diode controllers for others. I have enough of the different transistors models that I understand what USUALLY needs to be done.
    The 2nd gen JG is mostly solid state surface mount parts that are next to impossible for me to deciphier without a working model next to it.

    If it IS working OK and just needs a cleaning, I expect no problems with any model. I have a 1 ft test bench 'track'..

    Larry Kelley 630-414-6167 $10/hr + parts and postage.
    200 North 2nd Street, #319
    St Charles, IL 60174
  2. Larry,
    I was told that you might be able to help with my JayGee controller. I've had it for a few years now, and I'm merely in search of someone to look it over for general maintenance and any necessary tuning.
    Any chance you could assist?
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