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  1. This is Raisin (Mike Garrett). Its been 20 years since I raced so I'm not sure if you remember me. A cpl months ago I started playing around with the slots again. Went into the local track on racenight to see what was going on and a racer actually loaned me a back up car to run (quite generous offer from a stranger). I got 3rd behind the two local hot shoes. The following week I pieced together an old Champion car from my IMCA days and got another 3rd. Drove the old car to a 2nd the next week and decided I need something a little better so I picked up a cpl JK Chassis cars and rebuilt them. I couldnt believe how much better they are, I won the next 3 races.

    Anyway, the reason I am sending you this is I am interested in trying this new "RETRO" class of racing and they are telling me you are the man to set me in the right direction. Any help or advice you could offer on where, when, and the cars would be greatly appreciated. My email is raisin27@comcast.net

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