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  1. Hi chris
    I would like to bye one but i am not sure if i want it in my basement or in my garage
    And for the garage i want the track to lift to the ceilling and my foot print will change
    So i will give you news lather. How do you ship all those wood pieces.

    Stephane mondou
  2. Hi,
    Thanks! I'm glad you like it!
    I build them to fit the space the clients have available so if you tell me how much space you have I can quote it for you. I think the one you're talking about is 12' X 22' or so. If you came to Southern Indiana to pick it up it would cost you about $4700.00 without the power supply and lap counter. Or if you wanted to finish it yourself I could do all the woodwork and it would only cost you $2800 or so. If I brought it to you and helped you set it up that would be an additional $2000 or so. Or I could ship it to you for around $1200.

    It takes me hours to do a layout but if you've got the space and the money I'd be happy to draw one that will fit your space and quote it for you.
    Are you wanting to buy a track or just curious at this point? I hope this is helpful.

  3. Hi chris
    i would like to know the foot print of the red 4 lane hill climb
    And what would it cost to have a pretty track like this.
    By the way im from montreal

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