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  1. Paul,
    I def want to donate, but I have no PayPal or Debit or Credit cards !
  2. Hi Paul,

    Very coincidental, but I had a peculiar interest in the Philippines during the 90's. I spent two years in Manila, QC, Alabang areas. The southern islands were always considered hot spots for political trouble. The Abu Sayaf are still active, but their activities are located even further south of Davao evidently. Looks like your dialed in with the local Baranguy there. Very important to have friends in high places. I miss P.I. in many ways. I drove an old Cortina and could tell you some stories. -m
  3. Hi Paul,

    I'm joining OWH for the 2nd time. I had lost my previous contact info, so I'm starting over again. Anything from my past membership that's taking up any space can be deleted.

    To let you know (no news) I've been excommunicated from SlotBlog. I consider it my fault over a very ugly comment I made, but it was about time I left. It was bound to happen sometime.

    I'm here for fun. I'm very opinionated, but I don't use slurs or name calling. I didn't do that on SlotBlog and it won't happen here.

    Cool, there is an alternative to stay in touch with the Slot World. Thanks for having this venue for us odd balls.

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