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    we got our Volteq because we were using Mastech...

    we got our Volteq because we were using Mastech before and liked it. Volteq is their new model with over-voltage and reverse-voltage protection. it proved useful as we once hooked up to charge a...
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    Volteq has a very soli...

    Volteq has a very solid DC power supply with 50A maximum output, 0-15V adjustable. Last time I checked, the price is still at $289.95.
  3. Battery is not reliable for continuous operation

    Did you ever figure out the reasons behind your problem?

    I noticed that you are using batteries to power the tracks.

    For a track to operate on daily basis, batteries are not nearly as reliable...
  4. nice facility fast cars

    looks really nice.

    you guys drive fast cars... make s me dizzy looking at the videos
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    Sticky: Hi Paul: I was impressed by your...

    Hi Paul:
    I was impressed by your persistence. Actually, I'm a layman for slot car and I just come here to learn something from you guys, caz my son loves it so much. :)
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