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  1. Leads Wanted to People with Unique Slot Car Collections

    Some of you may know that I have done a couple of papers and presentations about slot car racing at the National Association of Popular Culture Conferences. I’ll be doing a third one this April in...
  2. Excellent report! It was just like I was there,...

    Excellent report! It was just like I was there, only without the noise! Thanks much. Congrats to all of the winners.
    Eddie Shorer
    Team Boola (circa the '60s)
  3. My 2016 Popular Culture Association paper and powerpoint on Slot Car Racing

    I've just returned from Seattle where I presented my paper on Slot Car
    racing at the 2016 National Popular Culture Association conference. Here
    is a link to three files.
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    Slot Car Racing Survey: PLEASE ANSWER

    ** As the number of surveys received reaches 125 for EACH survey, I will be shutting them down at the end of the day today. Thank you for the overwhelming response, and I look forward to going...
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    A few pics from Checkpoint Cup 2014

    A few random pics from the Checkpoint Cup 2014

    Eddie Shorer
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