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Thread: What would attract you to the Nats ?

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    What would attract you to the Nats ?

    Let's keep this real simple:

    1) Have you ever attended the Nats to watch ?

    2) If so, which Division ?

    3) Did you compete at the Nats ?

    4) If not, why not ?

    5) What would it take for you to compete at the Nats ?

    6) For those that want to go but have not, what is keeping you from going ?

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    School, after already skipping a buncha days I don't think I can throw in another week of absences.

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    Using a week of vaction to go racing is tough to explain to the wife. It is one thing if it was for the weekend but a week is a tough one to get the ok for. Also it can get expensive for a motel for the week.

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    Who wants to race at 3 am.

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    Yes I Have Attended the Nats.. Div 1 in 2001 at port jeff..I did Compete. And i Came in 3rd

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    I attended the Scale Nats in 2003 because it was close to home at a raceway where I raced regularly. I took 3 days vacation, rented a room, and spent all day and night at the raceway practicing during the "Expert" racing in the middle-end of the week.

    I competed in several Classes as an amateur over the weekend, did well below "par"- but wasn't last either.

    I learned a lot, met some nice people, and had an overall good time.

    I was disappointed in:

    - the attitude of the racer population as a whole. They were basically unfriendly, probably because they were focused on winning (understandable), but if I was a newbie, I would have NEVER come back.

    - the scheduling- race all night- ugh. TOO MANY CLASSES!!! Better to reduce the Classes to (say) just 3, (Group 10 Stock Car, GT-1 and Eurosport) with Expert and Amateur, and stop the daily program at 10 PM to let people socialize more. Maybe run over a long weekend, not week-long.

    - The Meeting- not at all friendly, I felt that those running the meeting had an agenda and that the meeting itself was not about "working together" as an organization, but a formality.
    Mike Wyatt

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    I attended the Scale Nats in 2002 and 2003 and raced three Amateur classes the first year and four the second. Made two mains each year, with a best finish of second.

    My concerns involve the serious amounts of time and money expended by the racers as compared to the minimal amounts of either expended by the sanctioning body. The investment in time made by just one racer seemed to be more than the time invested by the entire USRA organization. That's probably an unfair statement, but it isn't too great an exaggeration.

    Mike's right: too many classes and racing is running way, way too long.

    I didn't go to Portland primarily because of the distance. I do plan to come to Pennsylvania.

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    Wings - 92 Nats at Zeppelin, I was in the sub-sub-sub consi of 15-A. '95 Nats at Lug Nut, finsihed 5th in World 12. '96 Nats at JK as a spectator/race director. '97 Nats in New Hampshire, finished 4th in Semi Pro also race directed. '98 Nats at R-Geo finished 4th in geezers 5th in semi pro. Alpha Worlds (97 maybe?) finished 2nd in amateur.

    Scale - CASRA Nats at Lugnut in 95, finished 4th or 5th in B production. Casra Nats at JK in 96, race directed and spectated. Division II Nats in Rodeo and Newark (can't remember when) as race director.

    When my whole family was involved it was a lot easier to get to the time consuming races. I'm fortunate to have been with the same company a very long time so I get lots of vacation time. I tried to tie in stints as race director to help offset the costs, it usually worked out pretty well (I got stiffed once, but that's another story).

    I would go again as a spectator if it was very convenient, but no interest in competing. As BB King says, "The Thrill is Gone"
    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but anything you catch comes home with you!

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    Went last year

    I went to the scale nats in Portland last year. It was a blast. I'am an exception. I am dissabled and don't work so taking a week to go race is no big deal, I just loaded up the motorhome and camped out about 10 minutes from the track. Yes the day to day racing is a bit long but I feal that it's part of the experience, and you don't realy notice if your bizzy racin. The meeting is definatly un organized. At least they have it though. The governing body could just make all the decisions on there own.

    I'd like to go this year since my track wants to put in a bid to have it next year. But I can't affored a hotel for a week,air fair, car rental, entry fees and build all the cars I would need. That and I am not to happy about all the amature classes being on the king track. There so boring. If I took the motor home it would be more than a two week afair and I can't be away from home that long because of health.

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    95 WingNats Lugnut
    97 WingNats Victory lane
    01 WingNats Port Jeff
    02 WingNats Buena Park
    03 WingNats Track
    04 WingNats Tulsa
    05 WingNats Buena Park - wouldn't miss it !!!

    Attending a Nats is the best slot car racing experience you can have, you will learn more and your program will improve more then under any other situation. If you are serious about racing then you should by all means attend every Nats you can in as many classes as you can. Don't worry about whether you can win, most will never win, go to compete and learn and go back to your local series a much better racer and win there.

    Paul Kovich
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    City of Chicago
    Scale 2001, Chicago (raced 5 classes)
    Scale 2002, South Carolina (raced 7 classes)
    Wing 2002, Buena Park (just watched)
    Scale 2003, Mineral Ridge (raced 4 classes and was tech director)
    Scale 2004, Portland (raced 4 classes)

    Even though I was eligible to race amateur, I raced expert every time because I wanted to run against the best. In 2001, I didnít do terrible but I was outclassed. However, I greatly improved as a racer from the experience. I got better every time and finally won a race in 2004. It was an especially sweet victory because two of the very best, Greg Gilbert and Paul Gawronski, were second and third.

    Itís a substantial commitment to go to the Nats. It takes a good deal of preparation and there is always a lot to do at the track to get your car the best it can be. Itís not cheap either.

    I think having a lot of classes is a good thing. Who wants to go to all that time and expense just to race 8 minutes in a consi and go home? I think a lot of people do not attend for that reason. Having more classes gives the racer another chance if things go badly in one event.

    For me, the reasons to go were (in no particular order):
    1- To improve as a racer
    2- Run against some new competitors
    3- A rare opportunity to race Eurosport cars
    4- Meet some good people
    5- Just generally take in the experience
    6- Have fun

    By those criteria, I was very happy that I went every time, no matter how I finished. One last point, there is always a controversy followed by a lot of whining on OWH. Every year, a very vocal few make it sound like the entire event was a mess. Ignore that crap. The good things far outweigh the bad. Just go to the Nats and give it your best shot. You will be glad you did.
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    wing nats 2004 tulsa ok

    first and only time to attend. overall, was an enormous amount of fun, also was quite frustrating at times also. main reason? the amount of time it takes to run a race starting with qualifying to completion of the main event. i raced amateur boxstock12's, 1st round of qualifying started at 9am on saturday morning, the main event finished up at about 3-4am sunday morning if memory serves me correctly. i finished 12th overall out of 52, not too bad for a complete raw rookie. i didnt race again until tuesday in amateur cobalt12's. after another very long day to run that race to its end, finishing near last out of about 20 or so, i was used up and ready to go home.

    where a lot of time and money is wasted is on qualifying. if the nats were more about racing and less about qualifying, i might consider attending again sometime soon. also, if there were more classes that would go to the one motor rule, that would certainly entice me. i cant get excited about the nats now knowing it takes a full fleet of several dozen motors to make it through qualifying, then through all the semi's and the mains.

    but as i said, the experience was great, and would love to do it again under the right circumstances.


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    I went to the 2001 at port jeff close by, had a great time.
    AM GP 12 did real bad, but learn a lot.
    I have tryed to go to others just did not have the time.
    Make AM 15 and GP 12 one motor and spray glue, have the Nats on another kind of track.( older king or a engleman 220)

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    $3.00 Gas

    I raced in the 96 scale nats in Chicago , the 98' scale nats in Newark Ohio and watched a scale nats in Atlanta a year or two later. I had a Parma Challenge Cup race in St. Louis won until the IROC car I was racing malfunctioned and I was too polite to say anything.

    It takes alot of gas money these days... that's the bottom line , so if i could find 3 other racers to carpool and share expenses ....then it might be considered , having hooter's girls as track marshals might move the needle...
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    Thumbs up What would attract you to the Nats ?

    2007 Scale Car National Championships
    GT12 and 1/24 Eurosport

    1) Have you ever attended the Nats to watch ? yes 2007

    2) If so, which Division ? scale

    3) Did you compete at the Nats ? yes

    4) If not, why not ?n/a

    5) What would it take for you to compete at the Nats ? The $$$ to go

    6) For those that want to go but have not, what is keeping you from going ?n/a

    love to run Wings,A one motor and spray glue class
    not much for wings at my track
    Had a good time at the 2007 nats
    Timothy A. Bertrand
    1/24 Eurosport

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