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Thread: A Great Nats at Keystone

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    A Great Nats at Keystone

    This message is a little late, but between OWH being down last week, a trip up to Chico for the Chico Enduro this last weekend and a bout of post nats flu I have only just got around to posting.

    Thank you Mark and John for hosting a great Nats event. You have a great raceway, some great tracks and a great bunch of local racers. Thank you Mark for all your fantastic race directing.

    Bill Vanderziel, you continue to amaze me. Your tireless work at the nats is truly appreciated, and despite all the pre nats fears about tech, you did a fantastic job in keeping the playing field fair and level, and I know the racers appreciated it.

    Paul Sterrett, thank you as always for stepping up well beyond the call of duty. Hopefully you managed to get some sleep since the nats.

    To all the racers, thank you for coming along and being part of the 2005 Scale Nats, it was a great event.

    See you all at Rhonert Park in 2006, and I wish Mark and John the best of luck with their 2006 Wing Nats Bid.

    Chris Radisich

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    Well Now that it's out there, Keystone is bidding for the wing nats. We do have a perfect king track for such a event and you just can't beat the amount of things to do here in the summer months. www.hersheypa.com just for starters. We have also commisoned hurricane larry to come make sure our power plant is up to snuff We are organizing a large wing race now ,watch the race announcements for details.

    Chris, Thank you for the hard work and great effort put forth by you,Bill and Paul.
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    The power is just fine!

    First off, I'd like to add my sentiments that overall the 2005 Scalenats was a great meet. I enjoyed being there.

    It is a bit suspect that Chris, Paul, Alan, and myself have all had some sort of respiratory problems since... but we gots antibodies by now!

    My own opinion is that the King track power was awesome! Enough to tell the motors apart, but didn't see a smoker all week! I know Larry is a good electrician, but why fix something that ain't broke? If there is one thing that has made me less fond of wing racing over the last few years, its the conviction among certain overly influential racers that you can't have too much power. You certainly can, and if you scratch the surface of racers in general, you'll find a lot of support for my position. By me, perfect power is when you can just barely get by racing G7 WITHOUT the choke!

    OK, soapbox back in the closet... good luck with the bid!
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