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Thread: Magnet Tip Strength

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    Magnet Tip Strength

    Monty, this may have been discussed before, but do you prefer to put a magnet's stronger tip on the leading edge or the trailing edge? In this case I'm talking ceramic magnets in C & D can motors, or doesn't it really matter with these as long as you have a good match? Thanks.

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    Strong tip orientation


    I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but its a good thing to remind people of. Free speed tips are the nicest ones... by free I mean it doesn't cost anything at all to implement.

    The stronger tips should be set as the trailing edge, anotherwords, the last part of the magnet that each arm segment passes in its revolution. Your motor derives most of its rotational thrust from like magnet polarity repelling as opposed to opposite polarity attracting. Not only will a strong trailing tip enhance this effect, but a weaker leading edge allows each pole to enter the permanent field without as much force pushing it back.
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