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Thread: Need info about remagnetising

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    Need info about remagnetising


    I know nothing about remagnetising, so please excuse the ignorant questions.

    I have some 36D magnets I want remagnetised, and I'm hoping I can get them done here in Australia. I know someone with a remagnetiser that is normally used for doing the alnico cube magnets from old train motors, so there's a few problems to overcome.

    - Can you remagnetise magnets still in the can?
    - If so, do you have to pull the arm out?
    - Do you have to fit some sort of slug to conduct the magnetism through the air gap?
    - Does the end of each pole of the remagnetiser have to be contoured to fit the shape of the magnet/can?
    - Can magnets, including ceramic, rare earth and alnico all be remagnetised to be the opposite polarity of what they start out as?
    - I assume that you put the south pole of the remagnetiser against the north pole of the magnet being remagnetised and vice versa. Is that correct?
    - If I have no success with the local guy, who in the US can remagnetise 36D magnets that are epoxied into the can?


    Steve C.

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    Alnico magnets are the easiest to recharge,
    they only need 3 koe to saturate.
    Ceramic magnets need 10 koe to saturate.

    So if the magnetizer you have available will
    only saturate alnico material, you are probably
    out of luck.

    Magnets are generaly recharged in the can.
    Yes the motor needs to be taken apart.
    A slug will be needed, unless you have access to
    a high output magnetizer.
    I'm only familiar with aircore magnetizers, so I
    can't answer questions on bar-type set-up.
    If the magnetizer has enough power any magnet
    material can be reversed.
    Any of the motor rebuilding services should be able to
    zap your magnets.
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    Mike Blevins


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    Re: Need info about remagnetising

    Originally posted by stevefzr

    If I have no success with the local guy, who in the US can remagnetise 36D magnets that are epoxied into the can?


    Steve C.
    If Tim Tyler has not left for the Nats yet, give the can to him, Chris at BP will zap them in the can, not sure if he has a slug for it or not(one of the local drag racers has a steel slug that he made from a large diameter bolt)

    Give that a shot, won't take you much longer than shipping if Tim can help you out.

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    Need info about remagnetising

    Keith Wade in Queensland has been zapping ceramic and cobolt mags for some of the
    Aussie racers, try him


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