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Thread: Saturday Aug 13 - Amateur Group 12

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    I uploaded the rest of the pics from today.

    2005 USRA Wing Car Nats - Amateur Group 12 Photo Gallery

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    Thumbs up Excellent!

    Fine coverage, pics & reporting Paul!

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    Well, I had a blast in my first Nats!!!! I did pretty good, made the main in my first nats, so no complaints. I wanna thank a few guys for all their help:
    Chris Radisich, for fixing my broken or smoking car
    Tim Tyler, for supervising Chris, and fixing my broken chassis
    Jim Swofford, for loaning me some motors
    Brian Johnson, loaned me some rocket motors
    Barry Obler, painted up some awesome bodies
    Mickey Johnston, fixing my body before the semi, (it was way better)

    I'm sorry if i missed anyone, But there were quite a few

    All in All, i'll never forget this, and I wish I could go next year

    Josh B.
    Boola Racing

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    Bob Lucky

    Congratulations to unassuming Bob Lucky who smoked them all, and indeed he WAS lucky to survive the carnage. Let's hear it for CANADA!
    (you may begin singing "Oh Canada" now).
    Bob is a really nice fellow which does not hurt, and is so pumped about his unexpected win!

    Dokk P

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    Thanks mark and charlie for the congrats. It was my first nats and I was happy to be making the main..Had a good first heat and it was all downhill from there till I pulled 5th or 6th heat. My chasis was not the right one for the track at all.

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