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    I was mainly thinking of it as a practice and set up tool. I mostly race on a Kingleman. The 180 or switchback is a LONG way from the driver's panel and the deadman is a pretty good walk as well. While practicing, I tend to drive corners that are far away from the driver's panel conservatively, because I don't want to marshall my car every 5 seconds. The whole purpose of practice is to improve one's driving, so my conservative driving habit pretty much defeats practice's purpose. With a remote controller, I could stand near a given corner, drive it aggressively and waste little time with marshalling. Not only would it be less hassle, it would be a much more efficient use of practice time. Also, you could get a close up view of exactly what your car is doing in the corner (a big plus for my old eyes). Not only would this help one's driving, and it would be a great aid in setting up a car.

    It seems to me that using a remote in a race could cause some problems. What if you're the only one that has one? Wouldn't that be an unfair advantage? If everyone does have one, what if 2, 3 or 4 guys want the same spot? What if you plant yourself in a spot and another driver decides to stand right in front of you, or in a place that obstructs your view to all or part of the track? What about drivers standing in spots that are in the way of marshalls, or a driver marshalling his own car and impeding the marshall's ability to marshall other cars?

    But your point about when there aren't enough or any marshalls, the controller would allow drivers to marshall while they're racing, is a good one! That's a problem we run into often, as I'm sure a lot of tracks do. It would be difficult, but it would beat the hell out of crash n burn! That seems like one instance that remote controllers could greatly improve a race, or when you have a REALLY bad turnout, make it POSSIBLE to race.

    Building a remote controller is a very doable thing. Channels can be changed with crystals, and there are many channels available. The problem of radio noise generated by the electric motors can likely be avoided with digital radios (although digital radios can be pricey). There are probably cheaper ways to overcome the noise issue. There should be no noticeable lag time in an electronic design, and possibly a servo driven design might be fast enough as well.

    The brake is giving me some problems, but with my VERY limited knowledge of electronics, I think I have pretty much figured out how to scab an electronic controller together with readily available RC car parts. A servo design is a no-brainer, but not as desirable. My plan is to take it as far as I can on my own, then get one of my electronic whizz buddies to help me finish it. My only problem there is that the people I know that could help (mostly music types), could care less about this type of thing. They may not be interested enough to help.

    What would REALLY be neat is if one of the OWH resident whizzes thought this was a worthwhile project. A clean sheet of paper design...now that would be tha bomb!
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