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Thread: bring my cars back to life

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    bring my cars back to life

    I started to rehab my slotcars, both 1/24 and 1/32. I have cars that tires are not too dried out and been using hand lotion, auto belt dressing, simple green to try to soften up. I have no glue yet, but bought a restickable glue stick by 3m... gives the tires tha tsticky feel. If i bought new tires, will cost me couple of hundred $. All the motors have been worked as i built these cars, a drop lube and low voltage to rebreak in the motors. Once i get on the track and see how fast and the handling is. If motor is weak, will rebuild it. I have way to try and tell the strength of the magnets...... a compass and a modified fish scale.......found lighter spring. I know its not accurate, but gives me an idea what the strenght is. I will update how i am doing

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    Smile tires

    Yes, slotcar tires can be expensive. If you cant revive them with sanding and treating them as you say, they are probably history. Unless you need them all at once, you might get a couple sizes and just switch them between cars.
    There is a product for rc car tires, it's been posted here before- like zipgrip or something.
    Paul has a secret tire treatment/face cream, maybe he will tell you if you're nice.
    Oh Yeah!

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    I answered this question somewhere in OWH before, but the best chemical treatment for old dried out tires is to use two different chemicals. #1...Using touloul (sp?)(commonly found in various brands of gas treatment.) you want to soak the tires and with a rag wipe and soak it all off the rubber. Do not soak them for long with this stuff.
    This is a chemical that actually attacks the rubber and will cause the dry crusty stuff to easily scrub off leaving soft new rubber underneath.
    #2... Getting harder to find every day, is Oil of Wintergreen. Look for it in your local drug store in the liniment section. You may have to order it. Aside from it's wonderful smell, it is a great rubber preservative and will counteract the damage done to your tires by the tuloul.(sp?) You want to soak the tires for about 5 minutes in Oil of Wintergreen, and it is not necessary to squeeze it out. Just run the car and let it sling itself out naturally. In just a few laps, the tires will begin to grip better than they did when new.Do not do step #1 without following it by step #2.
    Disclamer..... This process will remove a portion of your tires, so if they are already too small, you will do them no good. If you have sensitive skin, take care when using the tuloul (sp?) Generally there is no problem, and since Wintergreen is a liniment for the body, it is perfectly safe. I was talking to someone on the phone the other day about Wintergreen oil and we both agreed that Parma need to have it put in an aresol can to be used as air freshner for raceways........jf
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