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Thread: New Entertainmet Center - Hope It Works !

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    New Entertainmet Center - Hope It Works !

    OK .... Here's the plan !

    My wife and I are in the process of opening a new track. We are in a very small Nevada town ( 5th grade thru high school, appromimately 1000 kids), and there is absolutely nothing here except a movie theatre, open on weekends only, and a small bowling alley.

    The building is approximately 1750 sq ft, dead center in the middle of this small town, right on Main St. We have installed two ADA approved restrooms and a handicap ramp at the entrance. The building is well insulated with a very good heating and cooling system. The rent is incredibly LOW, as are all the other overhead expenses.

    We are setting up five tables, two for the 1/64's and three for the 1/32's and 1/43's. All of the tables are plastic track, 18 or 20 foot long, and either 4 or 5 foot wide. Their construction is 3/4 inch plywood that we covered with green or brown indoor/outdoor carpet. The scenery consists of farm/ forest/ mountains/ on the green ones and desert/ sagebrush/ cactus/ wild west type scenes on the brown. We have put a 1" X 6" board around each table and painted them the same color as the carpet. Three of the tables are 4-lane, the other two are 2-lane. We can have 16 racers total at any one time. Each driver station is fused and has banana plugs for the controllers. I included a brake jack for those that want to use one.

    I went to Ebay to get a soda machine and found an auction that was selling four machines in one lot, each of them totally refurbished and in mint condition, and ( Extra Bonus ) each one has a different life-size NASCAR driver on the front of it!!! All four were delivered to my door for just a little more than what I expected to pay for one! So we now offer 32 different flavors of drinks to our customers! I also picked up a snack vending machine that holds 48 varieties of candy/ chips/ cookies/ pastries/ etc ..... And we have a freezer with the clear roll-up type see-through lid that will hold frozen prepackaged burritos/ pizza slices/ hamburgers and the like. In our state you don't have to worry about the Health Dept regs as long as the food is prepackaged when sold and the customer prepares it themselves. We have two microwave ovens on the back table right next to all the machines and the freezer.

    The whole concept behind this venture is for kids and families to come in and HAVE FUN ! I want this track to be known for it's clean entertainment values, not as a world class slot car track. I know absolutely nothing about "classes" and "16's vs.32's" and all that other stuff I've read about here. But I do know about fun and entertaining and having a good time. And that's what we are all about and that's what we're here for! I'm having a very nice sign made to hang on the front door that says: "If you're real serious about racing, please go to the Big City. If you're real serious about having some fun, Come On In !"

    We do have a inventory of cars and parts that will be for sale, but the bulk of our business will be in track time rental. We are renting track time in 15 minute increments. I had 2000 plastic tokens printed up with our name and location printed on one side, and the other side says "This token good for 15 minutes of race track time". We will sell tokens so that the more bought, the more money saved. This makes the track time anywhere from $6 to $10 an hour depending on how many are bought at once. Any kid that brings in a report card from school with "A's" on it will receive a free token for each "A" . I think the parents will like this. We are planning a "Family Night" where mom and dad and the rugrats can come in and have the whole table to themselves for an hour for $20, cars and controllers included. We plan on one night of league type racing also with dads and sons and moms and daughters making up the 4-person teams.

    Our 16 year old grandaughter and a bunch of her friends came in while my wife and I were working one evening. I set them up at one of the 4-lane tables and they had the time of their lives. None of these kids had ever raced a slot car and knew nothing about them. After awhile, I went over to the table and blindfolded the four boys that were racing and had the girls stand behind them with their hands on the boys shoulders. The boys had to operate the controllers according to what the girls were shouting at them. It was pure pandamonium and absolutely hilarious! Then we reversed it and it was even funnier .... There wasn't a dry eye in the house! FUN ! ! !
    No one has any idea who won, and nobody cared .... They had a super good time and that's what mattered! Needless to say, the rest of the school heard about it the next day and now they all want to give it a try. I have a few more similiar ideas planned ....

    So what do the rest of you think? Does this sound like something that might work??? Any thoughts or ideas are welcome and appreciated !

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    This is a unique and refreshing aproach to
    running a raceway! Many trackowner's are
    not very friendly to a very important group
    of people, potential customers. So I think
    you may have it backwards.....instead of you
    learning from others here, your insight and aproach SHOULD be of interest to all raceway owners!


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    at a slotcar track


    great now i wanna race blindfolded for a local race,

    keep the ideas commin!
    I only need 1 thing in life...and that is SLOTCARS

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    Hey, we have done that on April Fools Racing. Called it Bag Races and put a brown paper bag on each driver's head. It was a hoot. Trick was to make your car sound unique so you could tell where it was on the track. We always do something different on April Fools.....jf
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