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Thread: Help With Prize Distribution

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    Cool Help With Prize Distribution

    The following is the list of names which I do not have mailing addresses on for sending out the X-Game prizes. I would like to get these certificates off my desk. If you know any of these racers, please have them email or pm me their mailing address. johnford@slotmail.org

    2. Kevin Kosir
    4. Ray Bishop
    5. Dennis Cook
    8. Jim Naughton
    9. Alicia Gilbert

    The mix up was a big downer for me in this first X Game series. It was not the cause of the prize givers, it was very poor planning on my part. A great lesson learned however, for when I might do something like this again. I know from all the reports that came in, a National Summer Series is a good idea....jf
    RACE DIRECTORS... Want Free Subscription certificates to SARN to use as race prizes or door prizes? They are FREE for the asking. Email me at: johnford@slotmail.org and let me know how many you need for each event. S.A.R.N. Scale Auto Racing News...Serving slot racers since 1979.

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    Speedshop Racers

    Hi John,

    You could save a bunch of trouble (and postage) and just send them all to Lee Gilbert's Speedshop, and Lee could hand them out for you.

    All of the racers you listed are regular racers there (and one is Lee's daughter).

    In fact, they will all be there this Saturday April 1st for the PNW AMCA race, but probably not enough time to get them there (unless you can email them). Most of them are also regular weekly racers as well.

    Lee Gilbert's Speedshop
    620 Auburn Way South, Suite J
    Auburn, WA. 98002
    Phone: 253-939-5294
    Email: speedshop@earthlink.net
    Website: www.speedshopslotcars.com

    I hope even more raceways and racers get involved in a summer series next summer!
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