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Thread: Third Mega Mall Slot Raceway opens Near Six Flags Great America, Gurnee

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    Third Mega Mall Slot Raceway opens Near Six Flags Great America, Gurnee

    I was just at MC Speedway today in Gurnee Mills Mall and got permission to take a gallery of pics for all of you to (hopefully) enjoy.

    MC Speedway Gallery

    If I remember correctly the lap length is 320 feet using Ninco track. Race director system is by DS. Professor Motor controllers are provided. Rental cars are available or bring your own. They have Ninco, Scalextric and Fly cars for sale and Ninco and Scalextric sets.

    Mike Coleman is the owner, he also owns the facility in the St. Louis Mills Mall which is still open.

    I was at the track for about an hour and was amazed at the walk in traffic that they got. Half of the people that stopped in bought some track time.

    They had a good selection of different types of rental cars but 100 percent of the people wanted to rent a Scalextric Nascar. Most popular rental by far was a Monte Carlo reliveried as the Bud #8.....

    The Gurnee Mills track phone number is 847-855-1334. Their website is http://www.mcspeedway.net but the Gurnee location isn't listed on the website yet.
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    I stopped in this place yesterday while the wife was in "Dress Barn" and was totally amazed at the size of the layout!! Huge is an understatment!!!
    The place was getting a lot of traffic along with rentals. Although I was only there for 15-20 min, there were quite a few rentals going on, and yes the stock cars were the most used.

    Bob Oaks

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    thats a lot of plastic track!!
    5 mins is probably only about 10 laps.


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